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While I was running in my fifth Ragnar race, Reese and her pals were partying it up at the Laurelhurst Beach Club sleepover.  I didn’t hear much about it, but it looks like it was a ton of fun.



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A few months ago, Reese passed her 7’s at the Laurelhurst Beach Club and promptly went off the high jump — twice.

Yesterday at was Finn’s turn.

After having passed his 3’s roughly a month ago, our almost seven-year old first grader to be passed his 7’s


and then promptly did this (twice):





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One of the great things about Laurelhurst Beach Club is “the log.”  It’s exactly what it sounds like — a 15-foot-long-or-so log that the kids (and some adults) spend their summers rolling.

The kids rolling this afternoon.

The kids rolling this afternoon.

This summer the kids have taken to the log in earnest.  First it was Reese, who started “logging” last summer after she passed her 3’s.  Finn passed his 3’s recently and has joined her.  Both are improving markedly — especially Finn, who can already hold his own with the best of them.

Now if only I could get them to show the same dedication to their violins …

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Yesterday the Jenkins fam ventured down the hill for another afternoon/evening at the Laurelhurst Beach Club.  With our were our guests Kimberly and Sophia Lippmann.

Nothing remarkable in that.  But what happened was.

Sophia needed to pass her 3’s to swim in the 3’s area.  No problem.  After that, Sophia and Reese decided it was time to pass their 7’s.  Again, no problem:



After that, well, just-recently-turned eight Reese (and later Sophia) decided to do this:



IMG_6582 (1)

A Laurelhurst rite of passage.

I can honestly say for posterity’s sake that I thought Reese would drive before she went off LBC’s thirty-foot high dive.   It’s a mighty scary task, even for me.

Not sure I’ve ever been more proud of her.

P.S.  Far less impressive — me:


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The kids and I spend most weekends frolicking down the hill at Laurelhurst Beach Club.

This weekend was a particularly memorable one.

On Saturday Finn passed his 1’s, the highlight of a day that started at Karishma Sood’s 11 am birthday party and ended with the clock striking 6:30.

Finn 3s

And that was before Raj, Todd and George and kids dropped by for an evening of adult refreshments. (Mine: rosay (sp?), courtesy of Raj.)

On Sunday we were minding our own business when Amanda McAllister asked me to join her and the gals down where the A-listers sit.  Five minutes later I was borrowing life jackets and we were on our way out on a boat — along with about twelve other fun lovers.   Two hours later and a swim later we were back at LBC where we capped the day off with dinner on the grill.

Reese learned to do 360's while Finn passed his 1's.

Reese learned to do 360’s while Finn passed his 1’s.

Laurelhurst is, indeed, a nice place to live.  Good times, even better people.

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Today Reese passed her threes at the Laurelhurst Beach Club.

How she did it, and what happened after, was remarkable.

As for the actual swim – let’s just say I didn’t teach her about sighting.  And because she didn’t sight, she did some serious — and I mean serious — zigzagging in swimming across the roped off area three times.  One lifeguard estimated that she probably swam enough to pass her sevens.  I wouldn’t go that far, but she certainly covered a lot more water than required.


Then it really got interesting.

Now free to go anywhere at the LBC save the high dive, Reese headed to the medium platform with her friends Nellie and Gracie and me.   We went off it the first two times fine, but the third time — not so much.  Suffice it to say Nellie called me in, and forty-five minutes later, after much cajoling from me and the teenagers on the platform, we finally took our plunge.

I’m guessing it’ll be the last plunge she takes off the platform for quite a while.

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If there is one under-represented theme on the Jenkins Family blog it is the Laurelhurst Beach Club.  Because it is, well, a sandy beach, I rarely bring my camera down there, which means we have very few LBC pics.  No pics means no blog entries.

That’s unfortunate, because the truth is the kids and I are there roughly ten hours a weekend on most sunny weekends.

Today, however, a friend brought a camera, and a few photos were snapped:

Reese and her pal Charlotte Swapp jumping off the raft.

Reese and her pal Charlotte Swapp jumping off the raft.


A view from above.

A view from above.


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