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Another year, another Easter.  This year it was brunch at Sand Point CC with the Johnstons; followed by an Easter egg hunt; golf lessons for Reese at the UW; and dinner at the Gouks.  A few photos:

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Yesterday I joined my friends Mike and Shelly Miksis for the 31st running of the Big Climb Seattle.  The general gist: thousands of folks walk/run Columbia Center’s stairs — from floors 4 to 73, to be exact — to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.   It was my second Big Climb — because it sells out so fast, I last did it in 2013.   This outing was particularly special because Mike Miksis is currently battling lymphoma — quite successfully I might add.

My 6’5″ neighbor appears to be doing better in his battle with cancer than I’m doing with mine with Father Time: my 12:12 time was 40 seconds slower than my 2013 time.  That was T328/2754 overall; T288/1380 males; and 25/146 males age 45-49.  Not bad, but trending in the wrong direction.  All that really matters, though, is that Mike is trending in the right direction.  Next year we climb not for Mike the battler but Mike the survivor.



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Another year, another father-daughter dance at Sand Point Country Club.

She’s growing up WAY too fast.

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For the last few years snowflakes have been as common in Seattle as Trump voters.

Not today.

We awoke to our first appreciable snow in probably two years.

We were at the park by 9 am.  So was the rest of the neighborhood.

Sledding was lousy, but we made up for it with a great neighborhood snowball fight.  Adults — meaning me and Chris Landman — against roughly 15 neighborhood kids.

We lost.

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Another January 1, another Polar Bear Plunge at Alki Beach.  This one was particularly crisp — 33 degrees outside with four inches of snow about four miles away.  45 degrees in the water — it was a quick in and out.

A few photos:

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Tonight Reese and I joined her buddy Sammy and dad Rob Wright for a night out at Roosevelt High School.  The occasion: RHS’s Jazz production of “The Nutcracker.”

It was quite the memorable evening — and not just because of the excellent show.  Getting there was quite the ordeal.  We left Marysville Pilchuck High School after Reese finished her last race. Given that it was only 5 pm, we thought we had plenty of time to get home and changed for the Wright’s 7 pm pickup.

Not exactly.

We stopped at Taco Time in Lynnwood for dinner.  After waiting twenty minutes, the staff hadn’t even started preparing our order.  After getting a refund, we left the place furious and starving and headed home.

Not so fast.

After navigating through the worst traffic I’ve seen in years, we finally arrived home at 6:45 pm.  A 45-minute drive took over twice that (with the ill-fated Taco Time visit included).

When the Wrights arrived we were ready, though.




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Burger Boys IV

Last night was the fourth rendition of Burger Boys.

It didn’t go so well.


Only three attendees this time — myself, Norman Cheuk and Todd Johnston.

$98 cheeseburgers tend to do that to guys’ outings.

Will there be a Burger Boys V?  I wouldn’t bet the farm on it.


Good news is that Norman and I saw the excellent Hacksaw Ridge after dinner.

If it hadn’t been made by Mel Gibson, it would get serious attention come Oscar time.


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