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Another Saturday in February, another tea party.  A few photos:

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Another year, another stress-filled tea party.  Not for the guests, but certainly for Cole and me.

A few photos:

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Another week before Valentine’s Day, another Mother/Daughter Tea Party at casa de Jenkins.


A few pics:

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Today Reese and Rhonda hosted the fifth annual Mother/Daughter Valentine’s Tea Party.  (The first four.)  It was the first such party I attended; I came in “disguise” as Philip the Photographer.  A few of my pics, taken with my new Sony RX100:

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Tea Party 2013

Another year, another tea party. (2012 I 2011 I 2010.)

The hostesses.

The hostesses.

Unlike years’ past, this time there were no shortage of pictures taken. There were so many good ones, in fact, that I found it impossible to narrow it down to a dozen for a blog entry. Instead, I tagged my favorites from the almost 200 pictures taken and put them in a separate Snapfish album.

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Today Rhonda hosted the third annual Mother-Daughter tea party at casa de Jenkins. (The first two.) Eleven moms, thirteen daughters and a whole lot of fun. Or at least I’m told. Unfortunately Rhonda didn’t take any pics this year — something about the battery being charged — so we’re limited to those taken by the professional photographer (forthcoming) and these, which I took with my iPhone:

One of the tea tables ...

and Finn, who didn't even attend the party but spent his afternoon instead sandwiching the outlet malls between two McDonalds.

Photo not shown: the UHaul van into which we moved two rooms full of furniture to make room for the party. Total cost of said mobile storage unit: I’d prefer to forget, but it was a lot more than if we’d have checked our furniture into a hotel.

UPDATE: Fortunately Maya Dammand brought her Windows phone and snapped some pretty nice pics.

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Today Ronnie and Reese hosted their second annual tea party. (The first.) Like last year, the mother/daughter pair (okay, mostly mother) had casa de Jenkins decorated to the nines with beautiful Valentine’s Day decorations. And like last year, the mother/daughter guests all had a terrific time. (That two moms plan their vacations schedules around this event says something how its embraced.

A few pics:

The hostesses.

First-time attendees Josie and Beth.

Sophia Lippmann made sure Ollie had a good time.

As per usual, Mito lent a helping hand.

Carrie and Tamir -- fixtures at all Jenkins family events.

Getting to work on the scones.

Elise enjoying her tea.

Caroline, Isabel and Elise enjoying their afternoon scones.

Kimberly and Sophia smile for the camera.

I don't think Ollie went without.

Getting after it at the crafts table.

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