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Another February, another mother/daughter tea party.  But this one was a little different.

By that I mean it took place under a blanket of snow.  A big one.

A few photos:

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Tea Party 2018

Another Valentine’s weekend another tea party.  I missed the first half of this one watching Finn score five goals in two soccer games, but a few of the moms snapped lots of photos.  Among them:

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Another Saturday in February, another tea party.  A few photos:

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Another year, another stress-filled tea party.  Not for the guests, but certainly for Cole and me.

A few photos:

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Last night we hosted yet another Seahawks party.  We had a full house (25 or so adults plus kids), great food, excellent company.

What we didn’t have was a win.  The Seahawks lost to the Arizona Cardinals 39-32.  We’re 4-5 now — in four of those losses we had the lead in the fourth quarter.  And we’re effectively four games behind the Cardinals now with just seven games remaining in the regular season.

Oh, and we also didn’t get many photos.



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Today the Jenkins fam joined roughly 104 of our closest friends for the first-ever Laurelhurst-ish Day Out at Emerald Downs for the Kentucky Derby.  It was an outing I conceived of way back in November — and it went off mostly without a hitch.

We kicked things off with an hour-long pre-function at casa de Jenkins:

Crowd at house

Lots – and I mean LOTS — of mint juleps were on the menu.

From there we boarded two coaches for the ride out to Emerald Downs.  Our driver took a wrong turn and the 36-minute drive turned into an hour one (there’s the hitch).  We arrived at Emerald Downs at about 1 pm to perfect weather and a fantastic day of pony watching.  American Pharoah won the Kentucky Derby in Louisville — the Jenkins fam had most of its money on the disappointing Dortmund.

All in all a fantastic and memorable day.

The beginning of a tradition?  We shall see.

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Another week before Valentine’s Day, another Mother/Daughter Tea Party at casa de Jenkins.


A few pics:

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