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I never thought I’d be one of those people who waited in line outside a department store for that big sale inside.

Today I was.

We all were.

The store was Target and the event was the premier of Lilly Pulitzer for Target.  Lots of buzz leading up to it.

I had no idea.

At about 6 am Rhonda awoke me in a panic: “We gotta go to Target!  Stuff is selling out on the East Coast in seconds!”

The four of us were in line at the Northgate Target by 6:45 for the 8 am opening.  Others had the same idea — we were roughly the 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th people in line.  The line was eventually sixty of so deep by the 8 am opening.

Finn and I were the only dudes.

As it turned out getting up early was smart.  I hit the little girls section, Rhonda hit the women’s department, and we took home everything we wanted.

To the tune of $500+.



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Dinner at Osteria Rigoletto

We’re not foodies, which is why you’ll have to look long and hard on the pages of this blog for any reference to restaurants other than IHOP.   But last night we dined with friends at a place called Osteria Rigoletto that was so good it merits a mention here.  That’s not completely true: while the beef tenderloin entree was the best restaurant meal I’ve had in recent memory, the service left something to be desired.

I’m really just looking for a reason to post these photos:


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