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The Jenkins fam spent the last nine days in Massachusetts — the first two in Boston, the rest on Nantucket.  We took too many great photos to include a “best of” here, but I did do a nice photo book.


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This year I took more than my fair share of vacations.  Off the top of my head:

  1. Montreal to visit my buddy Simon Spratley
  2. Southern California with the fam for the Disneyland/beach thing
  3. Southern California again for golf at Torrey Pines and the Seahawks/Chargers game
  4. Eastern Washington for a two-day golf trip
  5. Washington, DC and New York City for my law school reunion that we turned into a family vacation

And that doesn’t include Greenspan Cup.

I don’t mind saying I feel more than a little guilty.

Last week I took my final vacation of the year.  This one was with my buddies Tim Obrien, Chris White and Peter Fessler to The Sandhills of North Carolina — Pinehurst country.

Too many great photos to re-publish here, but I’m quite happy with my photo book.

Next vacation: Nantucket.  In August 2015.


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Just back from a nine-day vacation — first Washington, DC, ostensibly for my law school reunion; then New York City.  We took a LOT of photos.  Pairing them down to the best has proven difficult, so instead I’ll just share our Shutterfly photo book.

It’s my best one ever — at least until the next one.

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Last week I stumbled on an article that listed the five best places in Seattle to watch the sun set.  Last Friday the kids and I hit Queen Anne’s Kerry Park, a fine place to watch the sun set except that you can’t actually see the sun set.

Last night the four of us hit Golden Gardens.  A pretty good spot — and we actually saw the sun.

As usually happens, the family outing to watch nature turned into a Jenkins family photo shoot.  A few of my favorites:

Next up: Alki.

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Well not really.  But an iPhone app I just downloaded called PaintMee HD is pretty cool.  A few “paintings” from yesterday’s family photo shoot at the UW:

PAINTING Reese Finn Red Square


PAINTING Reese Finn Red Square 2


That's Finn up there, snapping a pic.

That’s Finn up there, snapping a pic.

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As always, all of us (save perhaps Rhonda) received a lion’s share of presents this year.  My favorite present was probably a plaid bow tie that Rhonda picked up for me at The Cordial Churchman.  My most practical present, however, was a Sony DSC-RX100, a camera which was billed as the greatest point and shoot ever.  I bought that one for myself.  I also picked up a point and shoot for the kids, and they seem to enjoy taking pictures.

So yesterday the three of us ventured up to the University of Washington campus for a few hours of shooting.  We did nothing else and, while none of our captures are going to win any prizes, I think we did okay:

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One of my favorite Christmas gifts was a DSC-RX100, a camera Sony released last year and which was billed, at the time, as the greatest point and shoot ever made.  Santa delivered it a week early as a first bit step in my new “hobby” — photography.  (Hobby is in quotation marks because, although I’ve been thinking about photography for years, I took that first step all of a week ago.)  I’ll still take the dozens of run-of-the-mill shots as I always have, but from now on I’m going to give it a go at capturing some higher end images as well.

I caught a few decent ones yesterday:

PHOTO elephant2

PHOTO Reese monkeys

PHOTO Finn monkeys

I set a fast shutter speed to catch Reese in action with her new jump rope.

I set a fast shutter speed to catch Reese in action with her new jump rope.

Did I mention the kids also both got cameras?

Did I mention the kids also both got cameras?

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