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Next to the week of Thanksgiving, Masters week is my favorite week of the year.  And at casa de Jenkins we have a few traditions.  I usually do some sort of betting pool (this year’s).  The refrigerator is stocked with pimento cheese for sandwiches — Rhonda’s are every bit as good as the real deal, which I ate aplenty at last year’s actual Masters.   I suspend my life to watch TV for about thirty hours over the four-day event — more TV than I typically watch in two weeks.  And I join the pros in scripting my duds for the tourney.  In years’ past it’s been a me-only thing (2013 I 2011), but this year the kids joined in:









Maybe not as good as Billy Horschel’s script — that Friday kit looks dope — but a well-dressed bunch.  Especially since we’ll be watching TV.

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With three days of Disneyland under out belts, today we headed south to Oceanside.  The agenda: a pilgrimage to John Ashworth’s Linksoul lab followed by an afternoon on the beach with our old friends the Moellers (once of Seattle, now of La Jolla).  After that we headed back to Orange County for a picnic dinner in Newport Beach with the Gouk family of Laurelhurst.

A few pics:

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It’s no secret to either of my readers — I’m a big fan of Seattle-based Alial Fital.  The almost three-year old company makes polo shirts and sundry other bits of apparel, all of which is manufactured in the US of A.   It outfits Bo Van Pelt on the PGA Tour.  I’ve blogged bundles on AF — most recently to suggest Ryder Cup Captain Tom Watson look its way.

AF shirts, in particular, have caught my fancy, so much so that my collection is now close to two dozen.  When Santa Claus comes to the Jenkins household in a few months it will number 27.  And because I love lists, I thought it was about time to do my own AF top ten, all of which I own:

10. BVP Sunday Ardmore Polo.   “Ardmore” refers to Ardmore, PA, the site of the 2013 U.S. Open, which I attended … Van Pelt missed the cut at Merion, so this polo never saw the light of day on the Sunday that Justin Rose won his first major … Santa Claus picked this one up for me recently along with two others, one of which, the Dancepak Revolution polo, was my no. 11 … Goes into my closet with very little in the way of pink shirt competition.

BVP Ardmore Sunday polo

9. Chief Sealth Golf Polo.  Wore this one out to the 2012 Greenspan Cup Boys Day Out at Chambers Bay … Pics from that day speak for themselves — striking (the clothes, that is). Chief Sealth

8.  The Standard Golf Polo.  Classic AF … Picked this one up earlier this year within hours of its appearance on AFPolos.com … Looks great with dark blue or white, shorts or pants.


7. Official BVP Jetsetter Long-Sleeve Polo.  The only long-sleever in my top 10 and one of only two I own … Probably wear it more than any other AF, almost exclusively off the course.


6. Rocco’s Polo.  A classic case of “how have I lived without THAT?” … A perfect summer shirt on or off the course … To my great surprise the rest of the world hasn’t felt that way, and it’s now on sale for $45.

Roccos Polo

5. Beau Nash Golf Polo.  A neutral piece that works well with stone, gray or black pants on or off the course … Like most of my AF favorites, it’s simple — the placket and collar match … Would probably have this one listed a bit higher but it’s made of a heavier poly blend that AF has since discontinued.

Beau Nash

4. Knight Away Golf Polo.  Picked this one up this summer soon after it showed up on the site … Wore it at the 2013 Sahalee Member-Guest … Very high on the “wow” factor … Thought it would fly off the site but it’s still there after three-plus months and is now on sale for $60 — shows what I know.

knight away golf polos

3. 2012 US Open Golf Polo.  This one flew off the Alial Fital site quick … Ended up buying a pre-worn one on Ebay … If we do an “America Day” on our next Europe trip, this one will get the call.

2012 US Open

2.  In the Hunt For Greatness Golf Polo.  If I could design a golf polo, this just might be it … Sort of a green version of the aforementioned 2012 US Open polo.

In the hunt for Greatness

1. Top of the Hill Polo. The perfect polo shirt on or off the course … Literally my favorite shirt — and if you’ve ever seen my closet, that’s really saying something.


AF releases roughly 5-6 new shirts every month and, although not every shirt is a home run, a good many of them are at least extra base hits.  Just a guess, but this list will look quite different in October 2014.

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One of the many great things Facebook does is suggest websites and blog entries it thinks I’ll like.  Often those suggestions are all-but advertisements, but occasionally Mark Zuckerberg’s world-changing website just gives me the heads up on some interesting reading.

And so it was yeserday when it suggested I might enjoy a recent post on Three Guys Golf entitled “Major Scripts — Blogger Edition.”  The gist: TGG writer Adam Staelin asked five golf fashion bloggers to design personal scripts for their club championships — hence “Major Scripts.”

Now I’m a guy who’s put together few personal scripts (1I2) — I even scripted my entire Scotland trip months before I left.  And I recently reached the finals of my own club championship.  So I found this post to be quite interesting and compelling.  “Interesting” because so many of the bloggers picked Iliac shirts and not the superior (and better priced) Alial Fital, the latter of which I favor both for myself and for next year’s Ryder Cup team.  “Compelling” because — well, you can probably guess.

Yes — today I spent my lunch hour arranging my own major championship scripts.  Scripts plural because my script of choice would depend on the season.

For summer:


In case you care:


For fall:



  • Shoes — Ecco Tour Hybrid Wingtips, which I picked up at wholesale and now own two pair
  • Pants — Must haves from The Gap
  • Belt — Picked it up at Macy’s
  • Windshirt — A $200 Mizuno I picked up for $20 on clearance at The Seattle Golf Show

For winter I borrow heavily from my North Berwick (2012) ensemble:


and went with this:



  • Pants — Ashworth
  • Sweater — Tommy Hilfiger (full zip)
  • Tie — some $20 no name I bought at LAX on my way home from Disneyland this year
  • Shoes — MyJoys
  • Belt — $5 lilac canvas belt from some Chinese merchant via Ebay
  • Dress Shirt — Nordstrom
  • Hat — Hatter

And for spring:


The pants, belt and shoes being the bottom half of what I wore to the Sahalee Member/Guest dinner earlier this summer.


In case you want to run out and buy that’s:

  • Pants — pink Oxleys from Bonobos
  • Shoes — Ecco Tour Hybrid Wingtips
  • Shirt — A basic Callaway white shirt, which gets called more often than any of its competition
  • Visor — Rolex visor that my grandpa gave me as a law school graduation present in 1994
  • Belt — JCrew

I doubt you’ll see any of these scripts on Three Guys Golf or any other website anytime soon.  I, however, may just bust ’em out on the course.  In fact, I’ll likely bust out the summer script this Sunday in the club championship final.  My opponent is a far better player than me so my chances of winning aren’t good.

I can and will, however, still look good.

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Bow ties are


Doesn’t hurt that I can get them for $7 on Ebay, either.

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Many fellas my spend their late nights surfing porn on the internet.

Me?  I surf bow ties.

Somewhere along the way I developed a liking for — and now addiction to — bow ties.   And over the last few months I’ve bought a good many of them –a few from TheCordialChurchman.com ($29/each) and many from Chinese sellers on Ebay ($4-$7/each).

Problem is that I couldn’t find anything other than a coat hanger on which to hang them.

Until yesterday:

Bow Ties33


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Keep Calm and Put on a Bowtie

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