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The first day of school is finally here.  Emphasis on the “finally” because Seattle teachers have been on strike and we ended up starting six days late.  Agreement reached, required photo taken:

First Day School

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This morning the Jenkins fam joined the Swapps and 500 or so other of our closet friends in West Seattle for the Upteenth Annual Alki Polar Bear Plunge.   This was my fifth straight APBP but this one came with a few firsts.

First, Reese and Finn took their first plunges.  Finn went first with me then, after much cajoling, Charlotte and Reese joined George and me for a second dunk a few minutes after our first one.

This was also the first time I took multiple plunges.  In addition to the aforementioned two I took a third plunge around noon when I ran into Johnny Smith, little bro’ of my old friend Gary.  Johnny and I leaped off the stairs (see photos below).

I’ll say this: I hope my boat never goes down in Puget Sound.

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This morning the Jenkins fam ventured downtown by Metro bus to join 700,000 of our closest friends in celebrating the Seahawks first-ever Super Bowl victory.  It was Seattle’s first major championship parade since the Carter Administration (sorry Storm) — a “must” if ever there was one.

We arrived at our spot across from the Seattle Public Library around 10:30 am.

It was the 12’s at their best.  No violence, no angry words, only camraderie.  The parade was running about 45 minutes late and didn’t reach us until about 1 pm.

It was very, very cold.

Our 2 1/2 hour wait in freezing temperatures earned us about ten minutes of actually seeing the players and coaches floats.

Glad I did it — a majority of the city was down there — but truth be told I don’t need to do it again unless the Seahawks win the Super Bowl in July.

The post-parade did not go well.  We missed our 1:31 bus by about two minutes.  Our 2:39 bus never showed up.  (It wasn’t the only no-show bus around town.)  Given the inclimate weather we opted against waiting for another possibly nonexistent bus in favor of a call to Cole.  I made said call — and my iPhone promptly died about ten seconds later.

Cole picked us up.  After leaving the house at 8:10 am we walked in the door at 3:45.

Glad I did it, but no need to do it again.



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Earlier today, 64-year old Diana Nyad became the first person to ever swim from Cuba to Florida without the protection of a shark cage.  It took her 53+ hours to make the 110-mile journey.  (More.)

Also earlier today, I joined Tom Richardson, Carrie Bryant and several of their famiky and friends for a swim sans shark cages.  Our swim was from Mercer Island to Leschi — 1.8 miles — and it took a fair bit less than 53 hours.

We started the day off at a park underneath the I-90 Bridge where, naturally, Ronnie had her camera out:

kids before

The group took a few “before” pics

Before group

and then got things going:

Before on shore

Before in water

I did the 3 km swim in about 50-55 minutes

Nick swimming

while Ronnie and the kids followed on in a boat, the former snapping pics of other swimmers

Tom wsimming



Laura Wachter

Laura Wachter

our other boat

Other boat

and, of course, the kids:

kids on boat

Reese hait

I was the first one out of the water

Nick arriving

and finished well ahead of the pack — so far ahead, in fact (>30 minute), that I swam back onto the boat, watched everyone else swim in, took a few pics with the kids

nick and kids222

and then jumped back in again to swim another half mile.

Things got a bit sideways after that.  The logistics of getting back to Mercer Island from Leschi with our gear dry weren’t easy and they ended up with me swimming from the boat to the shore pulling a Statue of Liberty with the car keys.   From there it was off to Madison Park for lunch at McIlvra’s and some time at Madison Park, where Reese struck a few poses:

Reese at Mad Park

It wasn’t 110 miles and we won’t make CNN, but it was a pretty darn good way to end the summer.

And just a guess, but me thinks a new tradition was born.

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Today Reese and Finn played their first-ever t-ball game. Their team: the Metropolitan Market Mets. The site: View Ridge Playfield. Their coach: Steve Kelley, dad of Reese’s classmates Carson & Quin (as well as Tanner and Olivia). Their biggest fan: me.

My favorite Mets!

My favorite Mets!

The game lasted two innings. No score kept — for that, I think I’m glad. The other team had a few players who had to have been walking when Finn was born.

Reese (standing on first base) had her first-ever base hit in the first inning.

Reese (standing on first base) had her first-ever base hit in the first inning.

Their next game is on Saturday. Can’t wait.

Reese played pitcher in the first inning.

Reese played pitcher in the first inning.

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Lost in the hulabaloo of Thanksgiving was a pretty significant back story. About an hour before everyone arrived, Reese lost her first tooth. She knocked her left front tooth out while jumping on a chair in her room.

Not the best way to lose a tooth, but what are you gonna do.

Posing for her first picture sans a front tooth.

The scene was quite bloody but she calmed down soon enough.

On Saturday she deposited her tooth fairy money ($1) into her savings account.

That night the tooth fairy left her $1, which she promptly deposited in her savings account on Saturday.

The first of many to come.

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99.9% of the time I use this blog to memorialize the good times in the life of the family Jenkins. Every so often, however, something not so good happens that deserves to be memorialized.

Such was the case on Sunday night.

Apparently Finn was jumping on the bed and fell and his his forehead on the dresser.

Finn in his burrito suit, aka a straight jacket.

A really bad hit.

On a really hard dresser. With apparently very sharp knobs.

The resulting scene out of Friday the 13th had us rushing Finn to the emergency room at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Stitched up. Better. Stronger. Faster.

Three hours and about ten stitches to the forehead later, a patched up Finn — and his shaken up parents — were on their way home.

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