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Last night, the Jenkins family ventured downtown.  Our destination: the Space Needle.  The reason: our tenth anniversary, and we brought the kids along with us.

It was my first time up in the Needle in about thirty-plus years.  Neither the kids nor Rhonda had ever been there.

Dinner was excellent if a bit pricey.  I passed on the $99 filet.

A few photos:

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Last night the kids experienced a first.

Christmas caroling.

I initially came up with the idea as an outing for Reese’s Laurelettes group, but I expanded it to include Finn’s LightningHawks group as well.   We had roughly ten kids and ten adults in total, which made for a nice-sized group.  We went up and down 50th Avenue NE in Laurelhurst before singing our final song at the home of Tisha and Darren Patt.  From there we hit the Laurelhurst Beach Club to watch the Christmas ships pass by.

I’ll remember the night as a great time out with family and friends.  Finn will remember it as the night he did his first-ever solo.  That’s right: Finn and a few of his buddies were so excited to get to the next house that I finally gave him an ultimatum: slow down or sing solo.

He didn’t, and he did.  At the home of the Laurelhurst Fletchers.

Just a guess, but we may do it again next year.


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For the last eighteen-or-so months, the American zeitgeist has been about one thing — the presidential election.

It all came to an end last night — election night.  longtime Washington insider Hillary Clinton for the D’s, billionaire outsider Donald Trump for the R’s.

Ms. Clinton came into the night a heavy favorite.  The betting markets gave The Donald a 13% chance of winning.  I had it closer to 100:1.


Trump routed Clinton in what is being called the greatest upset in the history of American presidential politics.

Trump won the poor and uneducated as expected. But he also did well with the rich.

Trump won the poor and uneducated as expected. But he also did well with the rich.

The Jenkins family, one of probably three families in Laurelhurst who support Trump (and no doubt the most open), stayed up until President-Elect Trump announced that Ms. Clinton had called to concede defeat.  It was 12:30 am in Seattle — 3:30 in Trump’s New York City.



For the kids, it was a very late night.

For their part, the kids kept track of the race on electoral boards we printed off the internet:


I wore my “Make America Great Again” hat:


It worked.

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Today the kids and I headed north to Jackson Park Golf Course for the eighth annual Jackson Juniors tournament.  With us was the Gouk family and my buddy Joel Aro, who caddied for Finn while I looped for Reese.

It went quite well.

Reese’s score of 49 on the nine-hole executive course was good enough to win the girls 9-and-under division.  Emerson Gouk’s 51 was good for second place.

Seven-year old Finn also had a 49 in the boys 9-and-under division.  Two kids beat him, however, with 47’s.  Still, third place in his first-ever tournament — not bad.

Suffice it to say, we all eagerly look forward to our next time out.

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Paula Creamer gave Reese her glove — and the memory of a lifetime.

Today Reese and I ventured to the Eastside.  Our destination: Sahalee Country Club, for the Women’s PGA Championship.

And a memorable day it was.

Early in the morning, Reese and I spent most of our time watching players at the range.  The principal object of our viewing: Paula Creamer.

Little did we know.

About twenty minutes into her practice session, the Pink Panther removed her glove; signed it; walked over; and handed it to Reese.

The nine year old was speechless.  I teared up, so much so that, with the water works not subsiding after a few seconds, I had to walk away to compose myself.

We officially have a new favorite player.

We spent the vast majority of the day star gazing.  Among the big shots we saw up VERY close: Michelle Wie, world number one Lydia Ko, Alexie Thompson, Condaleeza Rice and Ken Griffey Jr.

There are worse ways to spend a school day.


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Today was my 47th birthday.

My present, and probably Rhonda’s best idea ever?

The kids played hooky and spent their days with me.

I can think of nothing better.

We started with work-related stuff — Home Depot and Builder’s Hardware.

Then we got things going.   A trip to Gasworks Park on my way to a haircut.  Milkshakes at Luna Park Cafe in West Seattle (excellent!).  A trip downtown for our first-ever ride on Seattle’s new ferris wheel.  Dinner at Din Ti Fung with mommy in da house.

I can remember a birthday no better.


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Today the fam and I are back from three days at Whistler.


Thursday was easy enough.  We arrived around 10 am on a non-ski day to get the lay of the land.

Friday was a bit of a bust.  All but two of the top lifts on Blackcomb Mountain were closed due to high winds and poor visibility.  The Peak-2-Peak gondola was also closed which made getting to Whistler Mountain a no-go for us.  The day wasn’t a total waste, though: the kids were tuckered out by 1 pm, and the five hard runs I got in after that got my thighs burnin’.

Saturday — epic.

I skied the first two hours by myself in a foot of fresh powder.  I picked up the kids at 11 am.  We started out on Blackcomb again, but quickly found our way to Whistler via the Peak-2-Peak.  Simply an amazing ride.  From there it was three-plus hours of skiing bliss, including four runs off the Harmony 6 chair — and the powder-filled bowls at their tops.  Reese and Finn conquered them again and again, Reese begging for “the hardest” runs all the while.

A better day on a mountain I cannot remember.

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