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Whistler 2017

Last year, my buddy Simon bought a quarter share condo at the Evolution building in Creekside, Whistler.

This past weekend, Reese and I joined him and his daughter, Paige, there.

Two days of epic skiing.  We didn’t exactly nail it in the photo department, but we did manage a few:

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Today the kids and I headed north to Jackson Park Golf Course for the eighth annual Jackson Juniors tournament.  With us was the Gouk family and my buddy Joel Aro, who caddied for Finn while I looped for Reese.

It went quite well.

Reese’s score of 49 on the nine-hole executive course was good enough to win the girls 9-and-under division.  Emerson Gouk’s 51 was good for second place.

Seven-year old Finn also had a 49 in the boys 9-and-under division.  Two kids beat him, however, with 47’s.  Still, third place in his first-ever tournament — not bad.

Suffice it to say, we all eagerly look forward to our next time out.

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Today the family ventured to south Lake Washington for the kids’ second running of the Seafair Kids Triathlon.   The race was supposed to be a 100-yard swim, 3-mile bike and 500-yard run, but the “swim” was more a run through water and the bike was closer to one mile than three.

All in all, the kids did much better than in 2015.  Reese finished in a time of  10:34 — good for 84th place in a field of 113.  A very slow transition because of some shoe malfunctions ended her chances.  Finn finished in 8:43 — 25th overall and the fastest 7-under in the field.  (Ten other athletes were in that category: he was the fastest by 46 seconds.)   There wasn’t a lot of room for error in this race: the winner, an eleven-year old boy, finished with a time of 7:19.

A little short, even for a kids’ tri-, if you ask me.

Afterwards we took a quick trip to Seattle Center.  Regrettably we missed the Bite of Seattle — it was last weekend — but we still had a fun time frollicking in the fountain.

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Softball 2016

Another softball season is in the books.  Reese’s 89er SMG Models team got off to a rough start but we haven’t lost in well over a month.  Bummer that the season ends, but end it does.

IMG_6637 (2)_Fotor



Next season: the draft.

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Last night Reese and I joined our father/daughter friends Rob/Sammy W. and Matt/Lola P. up at Snoqualmie Central.  The reason: Pink Pandas night skiing.

To my delight, it went quite well.

Night Skiing

Reese is not the skiier that fellow Pandas Sammy or Lola are, but she improved dramatically and, with her friends cheering her on, kept up reasonably well.  Perhaps most importantly she (and everyone else) had a great time.  No sooner had we decided to head home than we were negotiating on our next night skiing outing.

No Picaboo Street, but she enjoyed herself immensely, and that’s what’s most important.

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Lately the kids and I — well, mostly Reese and I — have been working on our golf games.

More accurately, our golf swings.

They’re coming along.

For posterity’s sake, here’s Reese:

And Finn’s:

The goal is this:

Some dude named Thomas Pieters. Never heard of him, but that’s about the best golf swing I’ve ever seen.







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This morning the kids and I made the long 1/4 mile trek across the park for another freezing running of the Laurelhurst Turkey Trot.  It was Reese’s second go at it; for Finn and me, it was three in a row.

As with the Green Lake Gobble & Mash Potato Munch Off earlier this week, seven-year old Finn was the star of the show.

His 28:50 time for the neighborhood 5k was, I think, a new PR.  He finished well ahead of anyone else within three years his age.

Reese, on the other hand, took it easy with her friends Charlotte and Gracie.  Still she did it, which is a heck of a lot more than a lot of our neighbors can say.

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