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Reese and I spent the past weekend in San Diego with four other dad/daughter groups.  The occasion — Camp Surf 2016, our Y-Guides swan song.

What a trip.

We kicked off our journey on Thursday morning with a trip to Sea-Tac via the new Sound Transit.  Upon arrival we spent the day in La Jolla, alternating time between the La Jolla Shores Hotel pool and the La Jolla Shores itself:

On Friday we hit Sea World:

From there we headed to Camp Surf in Imperial Beach:

On Saturday it was surfing.  Actually the surf conditions were quite tough so it was more bogey boarding than surfing.  After that it was some arts & crafts followed by dinner at Camp Surf’s excellent dining hall, then skit night:

On Sunday we hit the beach until noon.  After that we hit the Imperial Beach Pier, then Old Town San Diego:

All in all a very successful end to our Y-Guides experience, as these photos from the plane ride home show:



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This year, perhaps because last year’s all-but-snow-free winter was such a bust, the kids and I have been spending a fair bit of time at the mountain.  The “mountain” I refer to is Snoqualmie Pass — not technically a mountain, I know, but a nice place to enjoy them.

Two weeks ago Reese and I joined a few friends for some night skiing.   On Tuesday she played hooky so we could go skiing.  The day out lasted one run at Alpental — hard rain, icy slops and soup-thick fog will do that.

Yesterday Finn came with us.  We started things off with Reese’s Y-Guides group at the Snoqualmie Tubing Center.  Actually we weren’t really with the Pink Pandas — everyone else was as late as we were early (thirty minutes on both ends); we barely interacted with anyone; and we were done with our ’til-11 outing by 10:15.


I think we can all safely put tubing in our lifetime rear windows — at least until Reese and Finn take their own kids there.

From there we headed west to Alpental for some skiing.  The three of us were together ’til 1 pm when Reese took off for private lessons with Dino.


I’m told they hit a few double black diamonds.   All I got were these photos:

Reese before

Reese after

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Last night Reese and I joined our father/daughter friends Rob/Sammy W. and Matt/Lola P. up at Snoqualmie Central.  The reason: Pink Pandas night skiing.

To my delight, it went quite well.

Night Skiing

Reese is not the skiier that fellow Pandas Sammy or Lola are, but she improved dramatically and, with her friends cheering her on, kept up reasonably well.  Perhaps most importantly she (and everyone else) had a great time.  No sooner had we decided to head home than we were negotiating on our next night skiing outing.

No Picaboo Street, but she enjoyed herself immensely, and that’s what’s most important.

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Tonight Reese and I ventured down the hill to the Becker’s.  The occasion: our fourth and final Y-Guides pumpkin carving event. (2012I2013I2014) A few photos:


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Reese and I spent the last forty hours at Camp Orkila in the San Juan Islands.  It was our last of three trips there as members of the Pink Pandas.  That chapter is now done.

A few photos:

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Another wet Sunday morning, another Y-Guides kickball game.  This time it was the Pink Pandas and Emma J’s first grade circle.  Finn and a few other siblings joined as well.

After the game the Seahawks opened their 2016 season with a 34-31 loss to the St. Louis Rams.  As bad as the ‘Hawks were I was worse as a photographer.  This is about all I could muster:


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Another February, another father/daughter dance at Sand Point CC.  This was my and Reese’s third one in a row (2014I2013), our second with our Y-Guides group.

This year we closed the place.  Not sure where that gear came from.


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