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Another year, another father-daughter dance at Sand Point Country Club.

She’s growing up WAY too fast.

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Last night the kids experienced a first.

Christmas caroling.

I initially came up with the idea as an outing for Reese’s Laurelettes group, but I expanded it to include Finn’s LightningHawks group as well.   We had roughly ten kids and ten adults in total, which made for a nice-sized group.  We went up and down 50th Avenue NE in Laurelhurst before singing our final song at the home of Tisha and Darren Patt.  From there we hit the Laurelhurst Beach Club to watch the Christmas ships pass by.

I’ll remember the night as a great time out with family and friends.  Finn will remember it as the night he did his first-ever solo.  That’s right: Finn and a few of his buddies were so excited to get to the next house that I finally gave him an ultimatum: slow down or sing solo.

He didn’t, and he did.  At the home of the Laurelhurst Fletchers.

Just a guess, but we may do it again next year.


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A few months ago, Warren Gouk and I started the Laurelettes.  The idea: a group of dads and daughters, similar to Y-Guides, doing fun — and good — stuff.

Last night was our first example of the latter.

Our activity: feeding the homeless.  On Sunday, we (read: the dads) prepped a chicken feast at Seattle Community Church.  Last night we served it at a homeless feeding spot at 6th & Cherry underneath the freeway.  Roughly 70-80 turned out: the dads and gals did the feeding.

Bad news: there are still homeless people.

Good news: on that night, anyway, they ate better than me.


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Last night Reese and I and her friends Charlotte and Emerson hit Seattle Center.  Our purpose: the Laurelettes’ first-ever outing, a game between the Dallas Wings and Seattle Storm.

We arrived plenty early.  Our first stop was the Center Fountain, where the girls played in the water despite temperatures that never reached 70:

From there we headed to the Armory, where we met up with six more Laurelettes and grabbed dinner at Mod Pizza.

After that it was to Key Arena for the Storm-Wings game.  The Storm prevailed by 8 or so — not that anyone was watching too intently.


After the game the girls were invited down to the floor to shoot a few hoops and snap a few photos:


If that outing was any indication, it’s gonna be a great three years for the Laurelettes.


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