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It’s been a big forty-eight hours for Reese.

On Saturday night she and Rhonda saw Lindsey Stirling in concert.

On Sunday night she joined the Jenkins fam and twenty or so of our closest friends for Christmas caroling.  (Regrettably I got no photos.)

Today she got her ears pierced.  Sammie Wright and Emerson Gouk joined her and Rhonda at the mall — apparently Reese boycotted Rhonda’s tattoo parlor idea.

No idea how it went, but I’m guessing it’s gonna cost me in the form of new earrings every birthday.


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Sixth months ago, Reese could barely throw or catch a softball, despite having played for three-plus seasons.

Yesterday she played her first select softball game, as a member of the Seattle Spice 10U squad.

There were lots of hours spent in between — at the park practicing hitting, in the backyard practicing pitching — and the work she’s put in has made a difference.  The passion for the game is there, the improvement has come, and now she’s a “select” player.

I got roped in to serving as official scorer so, unfortunately, this is the only photo I snapped.

Yesterday’s games weren’t particularly memorable.  The Spice won both games — one by an 8-6 count, the other 10-4.  Reese had three plate appearances in the two three-inning games.  Her line: 0-3-0-0 — two walks, a hit by pitch, and three runs scored thanks to lots of wild pitches and stolen bases.  What was memorable, and remarkable, was that she was playing select ball at all.  That she was is a testament to her hard work and dedication.

We could not be more proud.


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Yesterday the Jenkins fam ventured down the hill for another afternoon/evening at the Laurelhurst Beach Club.  With our were our guests Kimberly and Sophia Lippmann.

Nothing remarkable in that.  But what happened was.

Sophia needed to pass her 3’s to swim in the 3’s area.  No problem.  After that, Sophia and Reese decided it was time to pass their 7’s.  Again, no problem:



After that, well, just-recently-turned eight Reese (and later Sophia) decided to do this:



IMG_6582 (1)

A Laurelhurst rite of passage.

I can honestly say for posterity’s sake that I thought Reese would drive before she went off LBC’s thirty-foot high dive.   It’s a mighty scary task, even for me.

Not sure I’ve ever been more proud of her.

P.S.  Far less impressive — me:


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Reese’s Record Swim

Yesterday, before Excel swim practice, I timed Reese in a 25-yard freestyle sprint.

Her time: 23:04 seconds.  That’s her PR — by over four seconds.

Practice may not make “perfect,” but it sure seems to be making “better.”

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Reese Ties Her Shoes!

Actually it was “shoe” singular, not “shoes” plural, but one’s better than none.

Tied ShoesNot sure where she learned it, but I digress …


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The Mud Factor mud run wasn’t our only big event yesterday.  In the afternoon the kids and I hit Sand Point Country Club for our first-ever run on the big course.  Nine holes, to be exact.

Our post-round ussie.

A post-round ussie.


The kids did great.  The range is a bit of a challenge, but once on the family tees they seem to get it.   The etiquette breaches were to be expected, and I’d rather Finn not run in front of Reese while she hit (resulting in the former getting pegged in the foot), but all in all the day went quite well.

Reese declared golf her new favorite sport.

I sure hope so.

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Today the kids and I ran Mud Factor 2014 in Sammamish.  It was the kids’ first-ever mud run — and hopefully the first of many.

The run itself was a big disappointment and a far cry from what I’d seen on YouTube.  There were only about 4-5 obstacles on the course.  Worse, it was heavy on “run” — for some reason the 1/2 mile kids run was about 2 1/2 miles — and very light on the “mud.”

As in, except for one 20-f00t mud crawl at the end, there wasn’t any.

The course was so bad, in fact, that I didn’t even bother with the adult course, which we’d basically already done having been misdirected by course “organizers” to go one way when we should have gone another.

What made the morning memorable, however, was Reese.  Specifically, her overcoming of a fear.

On our first run through the course, Reese tried, froze and then refused to scale on of the ten-foot wall obstacles set up on the course:

Nt doing it

This miffed me a fair bit because I don’t want her life to be governed by her fears — and there was nothing reasonable to fear about a ten-foot wall that other five year olds were scaling with ease.

Despite my pleading


we moved on and finished the race.

I couldn’t get over the disappointment of skipping an obstacle, however, and so back to the wall we headed.

That’s when it got good.

With no one around, Reese suddenly found the courage to scale the wall:


Three more times up and over and she jumped her way down:


jumping 1




This enabled us to take a real finishers’ pic:


More importantly, it enabled Reese to spend the ride home knowing she’d overcome a fear.




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