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Reese and I spent today up in Everett.  The occasion: the Ghost & Goblins girls fast pitch tournament.

The day went ok.  Reese’s 10U Seattle Spice team won its first game 9-3.  Reese walked in her only plate appearance and stole a few bases, including home.  The second two games didn’t go quite as well.  The Spice dropped two games to the Shock team out of Snohomish by a combined score of 21-1 (10-0; 11-1).  Reese struck out in her only plate appearances although, as you can tell by the score, she wasn’t the only one.

A few photos:


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Sixth months ago, Reese could barely throw or catch a softball, despite having played for three-plus seasons.

Yesterday she played her first select softball game, as a member of the Seattle Spice 10U squad.

There were lots of hours spent in between — at the park practicing hitting, in the backyard practicing pitching — and the work she’s put in has made a difference.  The passion for the game is there, the improvement has come, and now she’s a “select” player.

I got roped in to serving as official scorer so, unfortunately, this is the only photo I snapped.

Yesterday’s games weren’t particularly memorable.  The Spice won both games — one by an 8-6 count, the other 10-4.  Reese had three plate appearances in the two three-inning games.  Her line: 0-3-0-0 — two walks, a hit by pitch, and three runs scored thanks to lots of wild pitches and stolen bases.  What was memorable, and remarkable, was that she was playing select ball at all.  That she was is a testament to her hard work and dedication.

We could not be more proud.


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Yesterday the Jenkins fam and our friend Sammie ventured south.  Our destination — the Puyallup Fair, which I think is now known as the Washington State Fair.

It was Reese’s first venture there, my first in thirty-plus years, Finn’s second this week.

A fun day out, but it sure wasn’t cheap.

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One thing that you can’t say about Reese: she has a tough life.

Last week I took her, Finn and a bunch of her pals to Wild Waves in Federal Way.

For the last 24 hours she’s been with a mostly different group of gals at Great Wolf Lodge.

I know little about how it went but the mom in charge did send a few cute photos our way:

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I’ve long thought our May outing to a Husky softball game was the best outing of the year.

Yesterday was a close second.

Finn and Reese and three of Reese’s pals — Emerson, Sammie and Gracie — and I all joined some other friends for a day out at Wild Waves in Federal Way.

We made a full day out of it.

Left the ‘hood at 9 am; there when the gates opened at 10 am; there until the gates closed at 7 pm; home (after a quick dinner at Taco Time) by 8:30.

Not quite a twelve-hour day, but close.

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This morning the family and I ventured south to Seward Park for the kids’ third Seafair Kids Triathlon.

It was a memorable morning, but not necessarily for the best reasons.

Things got off on the wrong foot.  No sooner had we parked at Seward Park than I realized I had forgotten the kids’ bike helmets.  I raced back to Laurelhurst, found the helmets and raced back.  I got there just in the knick of time and I didn’t have the presence of mind to inspect the kids’ transition areas.

Big problem.

The kids left the water just fine.  Finn was in roughly 7th place and Reese was a few spots behind him.  But things went downhill from there — for Reese.  While Finn had a fairly slow transition, he recovered to finish 10th overall out of 99 and no. 1 among eight- and under competitors.

For Reese it was quite another story.  First she couldn’t get her shoes on properly — my mistake for not opening them wide enough to slip in.  Worse, though, was her bike.  It turns out when they laid it down they twisted the front wheel, and no one — including me — noticed.  That caused the brakes to lock, which made the bike barely rideable.   So unrideable was it that Reese went from middle of the pack after the transition (slow because of the shoes) to dead last in the entire field — by about fifteen minutes.  I was very proud of her for doing the 1/2 run in tears — quite a showing of resolve.

Lesson learned: failing to prepare is preparing to fail.  I should have packed the kids’ gear yesterday.  Had I have done so, I would likely not have forgotten the helmets, and had I not forgotten the helmets, I would have had time to properly set up their transition areas.  Instead I played golf.

Reese’s resulting disaster is on my hands.  I put golf over the kids’ preparation.

It will not happen again.

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Another Year of Ballet

While I was in Kent for Finn’s playoff flag football game against a bunch of very good teams (we lost early), Reese and Rhonda were in downtown Seattle for the final ballet performance of the year.  I didn’t hear much about it, but Rhonda did manage to capture this mantle-worthy photo:

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