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Camp Orkila 2016

Finn and I just spent the last 36 hours with our fellow Laurelhurst LightningHawks at Camp Orkila.  It was my fifth-, and Finn’s second, trip to the YMCA camp on Orcas Island.  A few photos:

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Last night the Jenkins fam hopped Sound Transit.  With us were several families from Finn’s LightningHawks Y-Guides group — the Couches, Bagleys and Youels, to be specific.  Our destination: Safeco Field.  The event: the red-hot Mariners game against the lowly Minnesota Twins.  Felix Hernandez was on the bump, the Mariners were the hottest team in baseball.

Easy win, right?

Not so much.

Notwithstanding the game’s result, good times were had by all:


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Two weekends ago, Reese and I and our Pink Pandas Y-Guides circle spent the weekend at Camp Orkila on Orcas Island.

This weekend it was Finn’s turn, this with his LightningHawks circle.   A few photos:

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This morning Reese, Finn and I joined several members of Finn’s Laurelhurst LightningHawks Y-Guides circle for a 9 am kickball game at Laurelhurst Field.

Nothing remarkable about that, really, except this:


VERY muddy, and very, very wet.  It started pouring as soon as the kids and I left the house and didn’t stop for a good thirty minutes.

Kudos to the kids and parents for braving the elements for a very memorable morning.

Oh, and we had to get a family groupie:


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Last night Finn’s Laurelhurst LightningHawks Y-Guides circle had a night out at Safeco Field.

Fun was had by all ‘Hawks and their siblings.

The Mariners did not have as much fun.

After retiring the first nine batters in order, staff ace Felix Hernandez gave up seven runs in the next 1 2/3 innings as the M’s lost to the New York Yankees 7-2. (More.)

Oh, and I paid $30 for parking.  Ouch.

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Pinewood Derby 2015

This morning Finn, his Uncle Cole and me attended the Y-Guides Pinewood Derby at ViewRidge Elementary.  It was Finn’s first Pinewood Derby.

Sixth place out of about eleven.

Not bad for his first time, but I’m pretty certain Finn and Cole will be looking to improve on that finish in 2016.

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Last night the kids and I joined the lion’s share of Finn’s Y-Guides group for a night out in Kent.

Our official destination was the Showare Center for a minor league hockey game between the Seattle Thunderbirds and the Portland Winterhawks.

We ended up seeing a lot more of Kent than we bargained for.

After getting turned away by a half dozen restaurants, the Jenkins/Couch group ended up dining family Mexican a few miles from the arena.

After getting turned away by a half dozen restaurants, the Jenkins/Couch group ended up dining family Mexican a few miles from the arena.

We met around 4:30 in the ‘hood for a caravan down — the Jenkins and Couch dads and offspring in Rhonda’s rig with about five other dad/kid combos in other various configurations.  By the time we arrived at the Kent Station shopping center for dinner all the restaurants were packed.

I mean really packed.  Every restaurant we hit — and we hit ’em all — had at least an hour wait, so we ended up piling back into the car in search of grub.   The Jenkins/Couch bunch found it at some hole-in-the-wall Mexican establishment.

Good stuff, but it left a mark if you know what I mean.

Teddy Bears

By the time we arrived at the Showare the puck had already been dropped and, more importantly, the parking lots had already been filled.

And the parking lots weren’t small.

We ended up ditching our rig what must have been about a mile away from the Showare and getting there on foot — perfect mugging territory but for our human shield kids.

A lot more than Kent than I ever thought I’d see.

A Finn-Reese-me-and-McKenna groupie.

A Finn-Reese-me-and-McKenna groupie.

Oh, and we arrived to the T-Birds first goal, which brought with it a shower of 4,000+ teddy bears from the crowd.  (Apparently it was Donate a Teddy Bear Night.)  So we went to a teddy bear shower and a hockey game broke out.

All in a good night’s fun.

Next up for Finn’s Y-Guides group: no idea.

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