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Today, while Reese is sailing the San Juan Islands, Finn attended his first Husky game.  With us were our friends John and Carter Ellis.

Final score: Huskies 48, Rutgers 13.

IMG_4958 (1)

And it could have been a lot worse than that.

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Yesterday had all the makings of a great day.  Sunny, mid-60’s, spring in the air.

But for one thing.

Finn got hurt.

He couldn't remember his sister's name, but he could remember the beauty of post-game snacks.

He couldn’t remember his sister’s name, but he could remember the beauty of post-game snacks.

The site was Arena Sports in Magnuson Park, the locale of Finn’s soccer game — the newly-named Scorpions against a bunch of much bigger kids.  Let’s call them the Giants.

Always hustling, Finn ran into another kid, went down, and apparently hit his head.  Coach Frederking immediately took him out of the game, and he headed for the sidelines to recoup.

Sort of.

Five minutes later he was crying by my side complaining that his head hurt.  And he said he couldn’t remember his name.

From there it was Urgent Care at Children’s Hospital, where Finn couldn’t remember my name, his sister’s name — anything.

From there it was the ER, where the docs diagnosed him with a concussion.

Never keen for Finn to hog the spotlight, Reese shared his bed in the ER.

Never keen for Finn to hog the spotlight, Reese shared his bed in the ER.

A few hours later his memory started coming back, and we eventually made it home with Finn better, if a bit woozy.

Don’t need another one of those Sunday afternoons.

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This weekend the kids and I headed east for thirty hours or so with Simon and Paige Spratley at Cabin de Spratley in Easton.   On Saturday the kids took the first-ever turns behind a wheel.

Finn could probably get his license tomorrow if he could only reach the pedals.

Reese — not so much.

The “highlight” of our stay was a drive up a mountain path on Sunday afternoon to check out what Simon promised was a great view at the top.  The view was indeed great, but the drive up was — well, a bit of a white knuckler.  Fortunately we lived through that logging road, but a few more of those and we may not.

Anyway,. a few pics:

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The Mud Factor mud run wasn’t our only big event yesterday.  In the afternoon the kids and I hit Sand Point Country Club for our first-ever run on the big course.  Nine holes, to be exact.

Our post-round ussie.

A post-round ussie.


The kids did great.  The range is a bit of a challenge, but once on the family tees they seem to get it.   The etiquette breaches were to be expected, and I’d rather Finn not run in front of Reese while she hit (resulting in the former getting pegged in the foot), but all in all the day went quite well.

Reese declared golf her new favorite sport.

I sure hope so.

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Today the kids and I ran Mud Factor 2014 in Sammamish.  It was the kids’ first-ever mud run — and hopefully the first of many.

The run itself was a big disappointment and a far cry from what I’d seen on YouTube.  There were only about 4-5 obstacles on the course.  Worse, it was heavy on “run” — for some reason the 1/2 mile kids run was about 2 1/2 miles — and very light on the “mud.”

As in, except for one 20-f00t mud crawl at the end, there wasn’t any.

The course was so bad, in fact, that I didn’t even bother with the adult course, which we’d basically already done having been misdirected by course “organizers” to go one way when we should have gone another.

What made the morning memorable, however, was Reese.  Specifically, her overcoming of a fear.

On our first run through the course, Reese tried, froze and then refused to scale on of the ten-foot wall obstacles set up on the course:

Nt doing it

This miffed me a fair bit because I don’t want her life to be governed by her fears — and there was nothing reasonable to fear about a ten-foot wall that other five year olds were scaling with ease.

Despite my pleading


we moved on and finished the race.

I couldn’t get over the disappointment of skipping an obstacle, however, and so back to the wall we headed.

That’s when it got good.

With no one around, Reese suddenly found the courage to scale the wall:


Three more times up and over and she jumped her way down:


jumping 1




This enabled us to take a real finishers’ pic:


More importantly, it enabled Reese to spend the ride home knowing she’d overcome a fear.




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For our final day of vacation we headed north to Hermosa Beach for a day at the beach.  It’s a good thing, too: as it happens we got to LAX very early for our scheduled 7:55 pm flight.  Turns out it was rescheduled to 6:30.  Luckily we made it: a night sleeping in an airport would not have been good.

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With three days of Disneyland under out belts, today we headed south to Oceanside.  The agenda: a pilgrimage to John Ashworth’s Linksoul lab followed by an afternoon on the beach with our old friends the Moellers (once of Seattle, now of La Jolla).  After that we headed back to Orange County for a picnic dinner in Newport Beach with the Gouk family of Laurelhurst.

A few pics:

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