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Thanksgiving 2018

Another November, another Thursday of football with me eating way too much.  Last year we spent Thanksgiving with the Frischers at Club Med in Florida.  This year we hung with the Ellis family.  Great food, better company.  Afterwards we played a few games of Family Feud — for once, the Jenkins fam came up victorious in something.



The next day Reese and Rhonda left the house by 7 am to attack Black Friday at Bellevue Square.

Why I have no idea.

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Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving 2016 has come and gone.  I don’t think it’ll go down as one our better ones.  We elected to eschew an invite to another family’s house in favor of staying home.  It was a bit lonely.  And although Rhonda nailed most of the food, the turkey was a fair bit underdone.

The good news?  We’re all here and healthy.  It could be a lot worse.



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Another year, another day to give thanks.

For the first time in a long while, this year we didn’t host.  Instead, we joined the Couch family as guests of the Joffes.

The afternoon started out with a touch football game on the frozen tundra that was Bryant Park.


The girls and me upset the males 14-7: Beth and Josie each scored TD’s.  As all-time QB, I notched two TD passes.

After that it was back to the Joffes for some NFL football, hoer doerves and turkey dinner.

All good, but it’s evident from the photos that a few skipped meals are in my future.

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Another year, another Thanksgiving.

And another five pounds.

I contributed a pearl onion dish to the outstanding Thanksgiving buffet.

I contributed a pearl onion dish to the outstanding Thanksgiving buffet.


The kids table.

The kids table.

The adult table ...

The adult table …

Not sure about Finn's style choice here.

Not sure about Finn’s style choice here.


The Joffe fam.

The Joffe fam.

This year’s edition was particularly memorable.  The food was off the charts — regrettably I only snapped photos of my onions.  And the Seahawks played the hated 49ers at 5:30, right after we ate.  Final score: Seahawks 19, 49ers 3.

Big, BIG win.

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This morning Finn and I ventured over to the park for our second-ever Laurelhurst Turkey Trot.

The bad news was that Reese decided not to join us.

The good news is that Finn set a new 5k PR — 32:05.

He just turned six two months ago.

FullSizeRender (49)

FullSizeRender (48)



FullSizeRender (47)

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This year’s guests were the Fesslers and, later, the Johnstons.  A few pics: 

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My favorite four-day span of the year has come and gone. Thanksgiving weekend 2011 is officially behind us.

Family Joffe joined ...

We got it off to a great start on Thursday with the traditional Thanksgiving fare — lots of football and lots of food. This year the family Joffe joined us at casa de Jenkins. Regrettably Uncle Cole, who had been staying with us, opted out of the proceedings. Nevertheless the seven of us had a great time — although no one was particularly successful at keeping their food intake down. With Ronnie again doing a fantastic job in the kitchen (and Beth bringing some goodies of her own), that was understandable.

family Jenkins for Thanksgiving 2011.

(Black) Friday was basically a lay around day. Ronnie made it to Target by 7 am — why, I don’t know. I read a lot and parented. I also made it to my second-ever Sharkey poker night — this one at Rainier Golf and Country Club. I played for all of about thirty minutes — and made $156. I think that’s the key to poker — just don’t play.

One year on and we still can't get all the kids to look at the camera.

On Saturday I joined Harald and Isabel up at Snoqualmie Summit for the first skiing of the season. It was my first time out on my new skis and poles. Worked well if I do say so. Unfortunately Cole decided he’d had enough of Seattle — or more particularly, living in casa de Jenkins. We wish him well back in Phoenix.

First pic with my new iPhone 4s.

On Sunday we attended Cookies and Cocoa with Mrs. Claus at Sand Point. The kids got their pictures taken with Mrs. Claus and we all decorated cookies and had hot chocolate in the dining room. I wound the weekend down by watching the Seahawks give one away to the Redskins and then saw George Clooney’s “The Descendants” with Jeff Benezra at The Guild 45th. Prediction: Clooney and his co-star Shailene Woodley will receive Oscar nominations for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, respectively.

The kids with Mrs. Claus at Sand Point CC.

Save the Seahawks’ debacle, not a bad weekend if I do say so.

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