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The vast majority of this blog is dedicated to memorializing highlights in the family Jenkins — and specifically Father Jenkins (aka me). This St. Patrick’s Day, however, started as a bit of a low light. The family was all signed up to do the annual St. Patrick’s Day Dash — me in the real race, Reese and Finn in the Leprechaun Run. Unfortunately Finn had a rough evening before, which meant Rhonda had to stay home. No Rhonda meant no Reese because there would be no one to watch her while I ran.

Tom, Tamir and me before the start of the Dash.

Tom, Tamir and me before the start of the Dash.

So I still did the St. Patrick’s Day Dash.

By myself.

The Seattle St. Patrick’s Day Dash is not an event one should do by ones self. I met up with Tom and Carrie at the Met Market to keep from being the race’s biggest loser, but they were small consolation to missing Reese and Finn.

Reese and I did a private Leprechaun Dash at Laurelhurst Park.

Reese and I did a private Leprechaun Dash at Laurelhurst Park.

Fortunately the day got better thereafter.

My bow tie and green pants made their season's debut at the SPCC brunch.

My bow tie and green pants made their season’s debut at the SPCC brunch.

After I got home Reese and I ran a lap around Laurelhurst Park, a .44-mile track that served as her personal Lephrechaun Run. Then the family had brunch with Tom, Carrie, Tamir and Mo at Sand Point Country Club.

All and all not a bad day considering the start.

Family brunch.

Family brunch.

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Today the Jenkins fam joined the Richardson-Bryants and Joffre fams for a morning out at the St. Patrick’s Day Dash.

It was an exercise in braving the elements. It was lightly raining and very, very cold. So cold, in fact, that by the time we started back to our car for the drive to Blue Star it was snowing.

Can’t say I’ve ever done an organized race with temperatures in the mid thirties. Can’t say I’m anxious to do it again, either.

A few pics.

You can't really tell from the photo, but it was very, very cold.

Tom and Carrie joined us like last year ...

while Aaron and Beth joined us for the first time.

Not sure what the guy in the shorts was thinking.

VERY happy to be home.

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Today the fam and I joined several friends in the cold and rain for the St. Patrick’s Day Dash at Seattle Center. It was my fourth or so running of the event, the first for the rest of the Jenkins clan.

Ronnie and Finn, pre-race at Metropolitan Market.

Ditto Reese and me.

It was quite good fun.

The day began when we arose at 6 am — 5 am if you factor in the fact that we set our clocks forward the night before. We left the house in the dark and rain and made it to the race with about forty minutes to spare. Tom, Carrie, Tamir and Mo joined us, as did Mike Waldner and a few of his friends. There were probably eight thousand or so runners in the race. We went off in the purple, untimed wave. The rain came down slowly, if steadily, for virtually the entire four-mile race. I ran a pretty decent race for an out-of-shape forty-one year old if I do say so, although I must admit I underestimated the significance that slow runners/walkers can have on a run’s pace. I’m not so sure Reese had a great time getting soaked in the stroller. Finn couldn’t have cared less — he slept through the whole thing. Yours truly, on the other hand, had a complete blast.

Carrie, here with Tom and Tamir, won best costume among our crew.

Carrie and Ronnie just before our wave began.

Mike Waldner joined us with friends Tabby and Keith.

Waldner and I have done a few of these over the years.

We all met up post race for breakfast at the Blue Star Cafe in Wallingford. We weren’t the only racers there — the place was packed like I’ve never seen it, and it took us the better part of an hour to be seated. Tom and I got into the spirit of things with a few Guinnesses and bloody Mary’s respectively. We made it home at about 2 pm, at which point everyone crashed for much-needed midday naps.

Finn and Reese were a bit soaked at race's end -- not that Finn noticed.

I want Mommy.

Looking forward to next year’s rendition.

Beth (left) and her hubby Aaron joined us for a post-race breakfast at The Blue Star.

Reese should be old enough to run it by then.

Finn basking in the glory of finishing his first-ever race.

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