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Another year, another …

Oh wait.

The Jenkins family did Mothers Day brunch this year at Sand Point Country Club.  Our guests: the Johnstons.

Uneventful, all good fun.

The real fireworks happened at the post-brunch photo shoot.  Suffice it to say, that scene was so chaotic that three of us had time to change some attire:



Fortunately that scene all happened in our backyard, so we’re still members in good standing at SPCC.

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Another year, another (well-dressed) Mother’s Day.

The day started with Rhonda getting flowers in bed.

I’ll admit — I bought them this morning.

Next on the agenda — Finn’s soccer game.  He scored two goals and played stellar D.  His Scorpions team won 4-1.

Finn soccer

From there we headed to brunch with the Miksis- and Swapp families at Sand Point CC.

Excellent as always.

After that — swimming.   George took for us our first-ever underwater photo:


From there it was home where, after some backyard whiffle ball golf, we watched Rickie Fowler win the 2015 Players Championship.

Not a bad day if I do say so.

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Brunch at SPCC.

Easter 4

With the Joffes.

With the Joffes.








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This weekend we did Mother’s Day sans Mom. Ronnie’s dad passed away on Thursday after a long battle with cancer, so she’s in Phoenix with her family. The kids and I nevertheless tried to pack in a decent weekend’s worth of activity, and I think they had fun.

We started out with Reese’s soccer practice on Saturday morning, followed by breakfast at Burger Master and then a day’s worth of horsing around at home. We closed the day down with dinner from the 45th Avenue taco truck:

Reese and Finn redefined the way to eat tacos.

Mother’s Day itself was also quite packed. We started off before 9 am with a trip to the beach at Magnuson Park:

Where brother and sister tried their best to throw rocks without hitting Ollie:

Then it was another battle-filled day at home — Finn on one side, Reese and I on the other. (Behavioral difficulties to say the least.) Later in the day we joined the Cheuks up at the Roosevelt High School football field, where

I ran three straight 6.2 40's ...

Norman could manage no better than a 6.4 until ...

we squared off in a head-to-head race, where he nudged me at 6.0 flat.

Needless to say, I doubt Pete Carroll will be calling anytime soon.

No Mom, but not a bad Mother’s Day weekend. When Mom gets back this week, we’ll try the “Mother” part of “Mother’s Day.”

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We celebrated Mothers Day a day early this year. Whereas last year we did it the day of at Salty’s for $50/person at the overcrowded Sunday buffet, this year we went with a slightly more reasonable approach. Day before, Chandler’s at South Lake Union, no $50 buffets. We weren’t the only ones with the idea — in fact, Norman, Mito and Sofia showed up on their own with Norman’s parents about a half hour after we got there. What are the chances of that?

Anyway, a few pics:

Mom and son, the latter still refusing to look at the camera.

What else can I get in to?

If Finn won't look at the camera, neither will Reese.

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