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It started with a 2.4-mile swim and ended with fireworks in the park.  In between there was chicken on the grill, a mysterious pulled foot muscle, and lots of great times with family and friends:

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Yesterday was our nation’s 237th birthday.  Given our current relationship with the Otterlees (read: nonexistent) we did not make it to the Edmonds 4th of July as in years’ past.  But it was still a great day, one that culminated in our first party of the year.  A few pics:



I don't think the house has ever looked better.

I don’t think the house has ever looked better.


The kids certainly enjoyed themselves.

The kids certainly enjoyed themselves.


Ollie and me in one of my favorite-ever pics.

Ollie and me in one of my favorite-ever pics.


The Joffes.

The Joffes.



Olivia and Reese at the fireworks show.

Olivia and Reese at the fireworks show.


The fam.

The fam.





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Another July 4, another reason to bust out my American flag shirt:

Click here to see the first five.

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Yesterday marked another birthday for the US of A and another memorable fourth of July for the family Jenkins.   We spent the day, as usual, with the Otterlees and friends up in Edmonds — first at the Edmonds July 4 parade and after at the Otterlee house for a barbecue.  From there it was back home for a little r&r.  Rhonda and the kids watched fireworks that evening at Laurelhurst Park while I convalesced in bed, the victim of yet another upper respiratory infection.

A few pics:

Times they are a-changin’.


Another year, another Edmonds parade.


The gang’s offspring.


No doubt — these kids aren’t adopted.


After two weeks in Scotland, a familiar sight.


Car dealerships were well represented at the parade.

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July 4 means parades, fireworks, and my and Reese’s annual picture with my American flag shirt. This year’s rendition:

and years’ past:


July 4, 2009.



July 4, 2008.


July 4, 2007.

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Another Independence Day is in the books.

We kicked off the day up with the Otterlees at the Edmonds Independence Day parade.

Edmonds, Washington -- Americana.

The fam -- one year older.

Hayes made his first appearance at the parade.

Still can't get everyone to look at the camera.

From there we headed back to casa de Otterlee for a good ol’ fashioned backyard barbecue.

The kids (and adults) enjoyed some homemade ice cream.

After that it was back home for some power napping and meltdowns. From there we wrapped the day up with the Cheuks and Lake Union fireworks at Laurelhurst Park.

We joined the Cheuks to watch the fireworks.

Next year we'll all look at the camera -- I hope.

Ollie joined us for the fireworks show.

Not a bad day if I do say so.

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Today we celebrated our nation’s birthday on its calendar day, July 4.

Too bad it felt like mid fall.

Like years’ past (1I2), we started by taking in the Edmonds fourth of July parade with the Otterlees:

Ronnie, Reese, Jayne and Otter, the latter in an interesting take on patriotic colors.

Just can't get the kids to look at the camera.

A pretty cool Minnesota marching band.

Reese will look at the camera ...

Grant will stare the camera down ...

But Finn just won't do it, even on the solo shots.

Handsomely clad Rev War reenactors.

On the trek back to the Otterlee's, post parade.

After the parade we went back to the Otterlee’s for an afternoon barbecue. It was about 62 degrees. I wore a sweatshirt. It tried to rain. We took no pics. I overate something fierce. Very not p90x.

On the drive home it started raining. It continued to drizzle well into the evening. We skipped watching the fireworks show at the Laurelhurst Beach Club in favor of a warm and comfortable bed. I was tucked in my foot space by 10 pm.

It’s supposed to be 85 and sunny by Tuesday.

I’ll believe it when I see it.

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