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Halloween 2017

Another October, another Halloween season.  Nothing remarkable to chronicle here other than Reese’s Marie Antionette costume did not arrive on time so, for the second year in a row, she went with a plan B costume.

A few photos:


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Halloween 2016

Another October 31, another night out on the boulevard.  This year I didn’t do much in the way of picture taking, but Rhonda did get a decent — and well-liked-on-Facebook — “before” picture.


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For the last nine years the duty has fallen on me to carve the pumpkins.

Not this year:


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Another Halloween night, another night on the boulevard.  This year the kids were a cat lady and Abraham Lincoln.  A few photos:

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Tonight Reese and I ventured down the hill to the Becker’s.  The occasion: our fourth and final Y-Guides pumpkin carving event. (2012I2013I2014) A few photos:


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Another year, another Halloween.  This year it rained — hard — while we trick-or-treated on The Boulevard.

Happy this “holiday” is over.

A few pics:

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Another Sunday before Halloween, another pumpkin carving party at the Becker’s. (2013I2012.)

Was supposed to be a peacock costume, but this looks good, too ...

Was supposed to be a peacock costume, but this looks good, too …




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