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Halloween 2017

Another October, another Halloween season.  Nothing remarkable to chronicle here other than Reese’s Marie Antionette costume did not arrive on time so, for the second year in a row, she went with a plan B costume.

A few photos:


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Another year, another Easter.  This year it was brunch at Sand Point CC with the Johnstons; followed by an Easter egg hunt; golf lessons for Reese at the UW; and dinner at the Gouks.  A few photos:

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Another January 1, another Polar Bear Plunge at Alki Beach.  This one was particularly crisp — 33 degrees outside with four inches of snow about four miles away.  45 degrees in the water — it was a quick in and out.

A few photos:

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Christmas 2016

Another holiday season, another time Santa spent extra time at the Jenkins house.  A few photos from this holiday season (not shown: the Frischer’s Christmas party):

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Last night the kids experienced a first.

Christmas caroling.

I initially came up with the idea as an outing for Reese’s Laurelettes group, but I expanded it to include Finn’s LightningHawks group as well.   We had roughly ten kids and ten adults in total, which made for a nice-sized group.  We went up and down 50th Avenue NE in Laurelhurst before singing our final song at the home of Tisha and Darren Patt.  From there we hit the Laurelhurst Beach Club to watch the Christmas ships pass by.

I’ll remember the night as a great time out with family and friends.  Finn will remember it as the night he did his first-ever solo.  That’s right: Finn and a few of his buddies were so excited to get to the next house that I finally gave him an ultimatum: slow down or sing solo.

He didn’t, and he did.  At the home of the Laurelhurst Fletchers.

Just a guess, but we may do it again next year.


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Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving 2016 has come and gone.  I don’t think it’ll go down as one our better ones.  We elected to eschew an invite to another family’s house in favor of staying home.  It was a bit lonely.  And although Rhonda nailed most of the food, the turkey was a fair bit underdone.

The good news?  We’re all here and healthy.  It could be a lot worse.



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Halloween 2016

Another October 31, another night out on the boulevard.  This year I didn’t do much in the way of picture taking, but Rhonda did get a decent — and well-liked-on-Facebook — “before” picture.


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