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Another February, another mother/daughter tea party.  But this one was a little different.

By that I mean it took place under a blanket of snow.  A big one.

A few photos:

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A Party to Remember

Last night Rhonda and I took to the roller rink for the first time in a long while.  The occasion was our friend Molly B.’s 50th birthday party.  150 or so of Molly’s closest friends were also in tow — on a fleet of party buses.

I had the over at about five on the number of broken bones we’d see and I had my odds at about 3:1.  Surprisingly the lubed up crew made it through largely without incident.

A few photos (a few left out to protect the innocent):

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The Jenkins family spent the past few weeks back east, first with the Hickeys in Nantucket, then solo for a few days in New York City.  A few photos from Nantucket:

And New York City:

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As a fairly present parent/coach, I have ample opportunities to watch the neighborhood kids accomplish great things.

Today was another such occasion.

The event was the 2017 Pineapple Classic, a 5k-or-so obstacle run that raises money for leukemia and lymphoma research.

But this was no ordinary morning.

It was raining.  And snowing.  And it was about 35 degrees.

And still, the four dads, Finn, Reese and five of their friends ran that race.  Complaints were minimal, fears were left in the dust.

A morning none of us will soon forget.

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Yesterday the Jenkins fam and our friend Sammie ventured south.  Our destination — the Puyallup Fair, which I think is now known as the Washington State Fair.

It was Reese’s first venture there, my first in thirty-plus years, Finn’s second this week.

A fun day out, but it sure wasn’t cheap.

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I’ve long thought our May outing to a Husky softball game was the best outing of the year.

Yesterday was a close second.

Finn and Reese and three of Reese’s pals — Emerson, Sammie and Gracie — and I all joined some other friends for a day out at Wild Waves in Federal Way.

We made a full day out of it.

Left the ‘hood at 9 am; there when the gates opened at 10 am; there until the gates closed at 7 pm; home (after a quick dinner at Taco Time) by 8:30.

Not quite a twelve-hour day, but close.

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Another year, another Easter.  This year it was brunch at Sand Point CC with the Johnstons; followed by an Easter egg hunt; golf lessons for Reese at the UW; and dinner at the Gouks.  A few photos:

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