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Not sure why — it’s the middle of summer — but it was pretty cool and, from my standpoint, a bit surprising:


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This morning the family and I ventured south to Seward Park for the kids’ third Seafair Kids Triathlon.

It was a memorable morning, but not necessarily for the best reasons.

Things got off on the wrong foot.  No sooner had we parked at Seward Park than I realized I had forgotten the kids’ bike helmets.  I raced back to Laurelhurst, found the helmets and raced back.  I got there just in the knick of time and I didn’t have the presence of mind to inspect the kids’ transition areas.

Big problem.

The kids left the water just fine.  Finn was in roughly 7th place and Reese was a few spots behind him.  But things went downhill from there — for Reese.  While Finn had a fairly slow transition, he recovered to finish 10th overall out of 99 and no. 1 among eight- and under competitors.

For Reese it was quite another story.  First she couldn’t get her shoes on properly — my mistake for not opening them wide enough to slip in.  Worse, though, was her bike.  It turns out when they laid it down they twisted the front wheel, and no one — including me — noticed.  That caused the brakes to lock, which made the bike barely rideable.   So unrideable was it that Reese went from middle of the pack after the transition (slow because of the shoes) to dead last in the entire field — by about fifteen minutes.  I was very proud of her for doing the 1/2 run in tears — quite a showing of resolve.

Lesson learned: failing to prepare is preparing to fail.  I should have packed the kids’ gear yesterday.  Had I have done so, I would likely not have forgotten the helmets, and had I not forgotten the helmets, I would have had time to properly set up their transition areas.  Instead I played golf.

Reese’s resulting disaster is on my hands.  I put golf over the kids’ preparation.

It will not happen again.

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Another year, another Glendale Invitational.

We didn’t do much this year.  Our Friday round of 38 points had us dead last in our flight.  Our Saturday 72 was good enough to get us back to the middle of the pack — and save us a good deal of money we looked certain to lose after about the fourth hole.

We did manage to finish third in the horse race — good for about $60/each.  And, of course, we were able to kill it in the matching shirts department:

After our disasterous 38-point performance on Friday (I shot a cool 82 sporting a 5 handicap)


Saturday’s 72-point total saved us a lot of money (I shot 76).

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Another year. another Greenspan Cup in the books.  This was the 20th annual edition of the tournament I founded in 1998.  I went 5-0 this year.  Good, but not good enough for my Seattle Team.  We lost a close one — 15 1/2 — 14 1/2.

A few photos:

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