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Reese Turns Ten

Reese hit double digits today.  Her last few days have been filled with friends and fun.  A few photos:

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As far as weekends at the ballparks go, this one was pretty good.

On Thursday I met Taran Alvelo, the Huskies’ star softball pitcher, at Evergreens in UVillage.  After a brief chat she gave me three of her tickets for Friday night’s game against Montana in the NCAA Regionals.

On Friday the kids and I went to the game.  The Huskies won 8-0 and Taran threw a no-hitter.

We sat in the second row, right above the Huskies’ dugout:

A view from our seats, courtesy of Husky pitcher Taran Alvelo.

On Sunday, Reese and I went to the Mariners-White Sox game at Safeco Field.  The result wasn’t quite as good — after losing 16-1 the day before, the M’s lost 8-1 today — but the seats were every bit as good — second row, right behind the home team dugout:

A view from our seats at The Safe.


For a baseball/softball fan, life could be a lot worse.

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Last night was one of those nights that was just — well, cool.

On Monday morning I received an email about some sort of open Husky softball practice around of this weekend’s NCAA regionals.  It included a t-shirt giveaway.  Sounded pretty cool, Reese can always use a free t-shirt, so I sent out an email to the Models parents and by yesterday afternoon I had five players and my assistant coach, HT, committed to join us.

A signature pyramid attempt before practice began. (Clockwise from the top: Maddie, Emerson, Gracie, Emily, Sammie and Reese.)

We headed to the softball stadium in the early evening.   I was expecting to see fans by the hundreds.  To my surprise and dismay, there weren’t any more than a dozen more.  (I’ll leave my rant about the short shrift women’s sports get for another post.)  Because of this, our access was front row — literally.  When the Huskies concluded their stretching routine inside Dempsey Indoor — a routine we copied (I’m still sore) — they invited the girls over for some high fives and gave them a cheer.

In the middle of those Huskies are our Models, including Reese.

It got better from there.

The Huskies then moved over to the softball stadium.  We joined — and literally sat in the front row.  Like fifteen feet from the players, if the crow flew through the net.  And as we were pretty much the only ones in the building, we weren’t unnoticed.  Perhaps most noticed was Finn’s Panther teammate Isaac Couch.  At one point he was dancing in the outfield bleachers, and shaking her groove thing with him from a distance was none other than Husky 3B Taylor Van Zee.

World class athletes, all.

It gets even better.

After a few hours of watching practice, we decided to call it a night.  It turned out that in the course of their evening shenanigans, all the girls got balls.

All but one.


We started to walk home on that back east road, near the lake.  Everyone was happy as clams but there was a tinge of melancholy because one of our Models hadn’t collected a ball.

The Models with their souvenirs.

For some reason Reese looked back south.  Just then — and I am not making this up — someone at Husky batting practice laced one clear out of the stadium.  “Look!” she yelled.  The ball was headed for its permanent resting place in Lake Washington, took a huge hop — and hit the guard rail between the road and the lake.  It bounced back in and stopped in the road. Reese chased it down and VOILE! — Emily had her ball.
We continued our walk back, with me and HT commenting on what had just happened.  “Dude, that was WEIRD!” was the general gist of it.
Reese opined “that was karma.”
She was right.
Either Emily had something good coming to her from the universe, or the Huskies have something good coming to them (NCAA championship?) or a little of both.  But it was a pretty darn cool moment and one I won’t soon forget.

Post-practice we did dinner at Din Tai Fung — and got out of there for $90.

The girls were so wound up from their experience that they refused to go home.  We ended up eating dinner at Din Tai Fung, where we escaped for $90, and then grabbed a quick dessert at Menchies.
Home by 10:30, on a school night.
Pretty sure a few of the Models were tired at school today.
I’m certain of this because from all the texts I received from parents, their Models couldn’t stop talking about what a great night they had.
They weren’t the only ones.

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Today I turned 48.

Happy to have made it this far.

It wasn’t as great a birthday as last year’s — the weather made sure of that.  Still, it was good fun.  Tops on the list — our first-ever trip to Queen Anne’s Melting Pot.  Service wasn’t great and it was a bit pricey, but the fondue was a memorable experience to be sure.

A few photos from the day:

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