Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving 2016 has come and gone.  I don’t think it’ll go down as one our better ones.  We elected to eschew an invite to another family’s house in favor of staying home.  It was a bit lonely.  And although Rhonda nailed most of the food, the turkey was a fair bit underdone.

The good news?  We’re all here and healthy.  It could be a lot worse.





For the last eighteen-or-so months, the American zeitgeist has been about one thing — the presidential election.

It all came to an end last night — election night.  longtime Washington insider Hillary Clinton for the D’s, billionaire outsider Donald Trump for the R’s.

Ms. Clinton came into the night a heavy favorite.  The betting markets gave The Donald a 13% chance of winning.  I had it closer to 100:1.


Trump routed Clinton in what is being called the greatest upset in the history of American presidential politics.

Trump won the poor and uneducated as expected. But he also did well with the rich.

Trump won the poor and uneducated as expected. But he also did well with the rich.

The Jenkins family, one of probably three families in Laurelhurst who support Trump (and no doubt the most open), stayed up until President-Elect Trump announced that Ms. Clinton had called to concede defeat.  It was 12:30 am in Seattle — 3:30 in Trump’s New York City.



For the kids, it was a very late night.

For their part, the kids kept track of the race on electoral boards we printed off the internet:


I wore my “Make America Great Again” hat:


It worked.

Burger Boys IV

Last night was the fourth rendition of Burger Boys.

It didn’t go so well.


Only three attendees this time — myself, Norman Cheuk and Todd Johnston.

$98 cheeseburgers tend to do that to guys’ outings.

Will there be a Burger Boys V?  I wouldn’t bet the farm on it.


Good news is that Norman and I saw the excellent Hacksaw Ridge after dinner.

If it hadn’t been made by Mel Gibson, it would get serious attention come Oscar time.


A few months ago, Warren Gouk and I started the Laurelettes.  The idea: a group of dads and daughters, similar to Y-Guides, doing fun — and good — stuff.

Last night was our first example of the latter.

Our activity: feeding the homeless.  On Sunday, we (read: the dads) prepped a chicken feast at Seattle Community Church.  Last night we served it at a homeless feeding spot at 6th & Cherry underneath the freeway.  Roughly 70-80 turned out: the dads and gals did the feeding.

Bad news: there are still homeless people.

Good news: on that night, anyway, they ate better than me.


Halloween 2016

Another October 31, another night out on the boulevard.  This year I didn’t do much in the way of picture taking, but Rhonda did get a decent — and well-liked-on-Facebook — “before” picture.


For the last nine years the duty has fallen on me to carve the pumpkins.

Not this year:


Finn’s first season in select soccer has been a mixed bag.  His team started off slowly but has gotten it together of late.  He’s played well but hasn’t been the dominant force he was at times in LVR.


Until this weekend.

Finn’s Seattle Celtic Gold team played two games at Tukwila’s Starfire soccer facility.  They won both — 9-2 on Saturday, 10-1 on Sunday.  Finn scored seven of his teams nineteen goals — three on Saturday, four on Sunday.

Not seven in one game, to be sure, but not bad, either.