On Thursday night they saw The Nutcracker.  Tonight Reese and Rhonda saw violinist extraordinaire Lindsey Stirling.  I understand it was a fantastic time.



Finn and I weren’t there, but Laura and Sammie Wright were.  They sent us this photo:

Two things that can’t be said about Laurelhurst: it has good cell phone coverage; and it’s on a good power grid.

We recently switched from the terrible Sprint to Verizon and found it’s even worse.

As for the power — when the wind is up the power goes out.  It’s happened half a dozen times (at least) in the past several years, the most recent last night:


With no refrigerator or light, we did dinner at Ihop for the first time.  Kids under twelve ate free, so it worked out well.

As a fairly present parent/coach, I have ample opportunities to watch the neighborhood kids accomplish great things.

Today was another such occasion.

The event was the 2017 Pineapple Classic, a 5k-or-so obstacle run that raises money for leukemia and lymphoma research.

But this was no ordinary morning.

It was raining.  And snowing.  And it was about 35 degrees.

And still, the four dads, Finn, Reese and five of their friends ran that race.  Complaints were minimal, fears were left in the dust.

A morning none of us will soon forget.

Halloween 2017

Another October, another Halloween season.  Nothing remarkable to chronicle here other than Reese’s Marie Antionette costume did not arrive on time so, for the second year in a row, she went with a plan B costume.

A few photos:

Reese and I spent today up in Everett.  The occasion: the Ghost & Goblins girls fast pitch tournament.

The day went ok.  Reese’s 10U Seattle Spice team won its first game 9-3.  Reese walked in her only plate appearance and stole a few bases, including home.  The second two games didn’t go quite as well.  The Spice dropped two games to the Shock team out of Snohomish by a combined score of 21-1 (10-0; 11-1).  Reese struck out in her only plate appearances although, as you can tell by the score, she wasn’t the only one.

A few photos: