Last night we hosted yet another Seahawks party.  We had a full house (25 or so adults plus kids), great food, excellent company.

What we didn’t have was a win.  The Seahawks lost to the Arizona Cardinals 39-32.  We’re 4-5 now — in four of those losses we had the lead in the fourth quarter.  And we’re effectively four games behind the Cardinals now with just seven games remaining in the regular season.

Oh, and we also didn’t get many photos.



The Seahawks, Up Close

Some days the universe just seems to smile on me.

Today was one of those days.

At about 9:45 this morning I was enjoying a new book, firmly ensconced in my comfy leather chair.

At 9:46, my buddy Ted Walsh texted me to ask whether Finn and I would like to go check out the Seahawks training facility in Renton.  I agreed.  Fifteen minutes later we were on our way.

I was sure to tell Finn that we were unlikely to see any players, this being the day before game day and all.

Boy was I wrong.

Upon arriving we were ushered in to the indoor practice field.  Player sightings: all of ’em.  And for the better part of an hour I hung out right next to Russell Wilson’s girlfriend Ciara.

Then it got hard to believe.

Turns out that Ted’s buddy is the Seahawks equipment manager.  As in “hello, Seahawks locker room.”   Upon entering we all but stumbled over Marshawn Lynch.  Finn even shook his hand.  After that it was Luke Willson, John Ryan and Russell Wilson.

Not a bad morning.


Halloween Night 2015

Another Halloween night, another night on the boulevard.  This year the kids were a cat lady and Abraham Lincoln.  A few photos:

Today marked the end of the “Huskies” fall soccer season.  It was another decent year for the Laurelhurst gals — a roughly .500 record, including a loss today.  Reese scored a few goals on the season.  Pretty sure she won’t be representing the United States in the Olympics, but for now she still seems to enjoy it.


Today marked the end of boys’ fall soccer season.  Finn’s “Scorpions” 7U team won another game — this one a roughly 12-1 bloodbath against some poor foe.  The Scorpions went undefeated this season and, but for a few 2-3 goal games, were never seriously challenged.  Finn continued to play well, always hustling and averaging 1-2 goals/game.  (Today he had three.)

Unfortunately I didn’t do my job as the family photographer.  I picked up this photo off of Coach Rick Frederking’s team off Facebook:


and I snapped this one at our post-game lunch at Subway:

Finn Subway

Up next — indoor winter soccer.  The Scorpions will be playing “up.”


Our now four-month old Shiba Inu has a tough, exhausting life:

Charlie 10 30 15


Tonight Reese and I ventured down the hill to the Becker’s.  The occasion: our fourth and final Y-Guides pumpkin carving event. (2012I2013I2014) A few photos:



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