Our second- and final day at Disneyland.  A few photos of our day at the Happiest Place on Earth:

Followed by some shenanigans at the ParkVue Inn pool:

Camp Orkila 2016

Finn and I just spent the last 36 hours with our fellow Laurelhurst LightningHawks at Camp Orkila.  It was my fifth-, and Finn’s second, trip to the YMCA camp on Orcas Island.  A few photos:

On today’s agenda — California Adventure Park and dinner at the excellent Tanor, a Mediterranean joint located just down the road on Harbor Blvd.

A few photos:

Today it was all Disneyland.  Some photos:

On today’s agenda: a day at Huntington Beach, then Anaheim for tomorrow’s Disneyland adventure.  A few photos:

Today the fam hopped a Southwest Airlines flight bound for Orange County.  Our destination: a Marriott hotel in Fountain Valley, where we stayed for a night before heading inland to Disneyland.  On the afternoon agenda: Huntington Beach and dinner at Mario’s.

A few photos:


Rarely am I envious of anyone, let alone my own daughter.   But I was this weekend.  While the rest of us spent the weekend doing basically nothing, Reese spent Labor Day weekend with her friend Sammy Wright and her parents sailing the San Juans.  And from the looks of the photos, a damn good time it was.