Found this on Facebook this morning and thought it would preserving:


Spice Wins!

Reese and I spent this past weekend in Centralia.  The occasion: the March Madness fastpitch tournament.

It was time well spent.

Reese’s 10U Spice team played three games before noon on Saturday.  After dropping the first game 8-1 (Reese had the lone RBI on a ground out), the Spice won the next two games to get the second seed going into Sunday’s elimination round.  They swept those games.  Jordanna King was literally unhittable (I think she gave up one hit in four games), and with a 3-1 win in the final the trophy was ours.

Reese had a relatively quiet tournament.  She played outfield and had no hits, but she did have that aforementioned RBI and rounded the bases after a dropped third strike – a very poor man’s home run.   Still, we had a great time hanging out with our Spice family, and it was great to take home the hardware.

Up next: a tourney in the Tri Cities.

Whistler 2018

For the second year in three, the fam did a quick winter vacation in Whistler.  (2016.)  It was considerably colder this trip than last.  Sunday it was so cold that the kids only last two runs before packing it in.  Temperatures at the top of Blackcomb, which was closed, were reported at -40 F.  It warmed up some over the next few days, but not a lot.  Overall a great trip, though, and one we’re keen to make an annual endeavor.

A few photos:


Tea Party 2018

Another Valentine’s weekend another tea party.  I missed the first half of this one watching Finn score five goals in two soccer games, but a few of the moms snapped lots of photos.  Among them:


Another January 1, another Alki polar bear plunge.  This year Reese opted out, so it was just me, Finn and probably seven hundred or so other warm-blooded souls.

A few photos:


It’s been a big forty-eight hours for Reese.

On Saturday night she and Rhonda saw Lindsey Stirling in concert.

On Sunday night she joined the Jenkins fam and twenty or so of our closest friends for Christmas caroling.  (Regrettably I got no photos.)

Today she got her ears pierced.  Sammie Wright and Emerson Gouk joined her and Rhonda at the mall — apparently Reese boycotted Rhonda’s tattoo parlor idea.

No idea how it went, but I’m guessing it’s gonna cost me in the form of new earrings every birthday.


On Thursday night they saw The Nutcracker.  Tonight Reese and Rhonda saw violinist extraordinaire Lindsey Stirling.  I understand it was a fantastic time.