Camp Orkila 2016

Finn and I just spent the last 36 hours with our fellow Laurelhurst LightningHawks at Camp Orkila.  It was my fifth-, and Finn’s second, trip to the YMCA camp on Orcas Island.  A few photos:

Today was the last day of our 2016 family vacation.  We started out with some pool time at the ParkVue Inn:

From there we headed to Balboa:

Then finished things up with some quality time in Laguna Beach:


I wouldn’t want to live in So Cal again but as a place to visit, you can do a lot worse.

Our second- and final day at Disneyland.  A few photos of our day at the Happiest Place on Earth:

Followed by some shenanigans at the ParkVue Inn pool:

On today’s agenda — California Adventure Park and dinner at the excellent Tanor, a Mediterranean joint located just down the road on Harbor Blvd.

A few photos:

Today it was all Disneyland.  Some photos:

On today’s agenda: a day at Huntington Beach, then Anaheim for tomorrow’s Disneyland adventure.  A few photos:

Today the fam hopped a Southwest Airlines flight bound for Orange County.  Our destination: a Marriott hotel in Fountain Valley, where we stayed for a night before heading inland to Disneyland.  On the afternoon agenda: Huntington Beach and dinner at Mario’s.

A few photos: