Last night the Jenkins fam hopped Sound Transit.  With us were several families from Finn’s LightningHawks Y-Guides group — the Couches, Bagleys and Youels, to be specific.  Our destination: Safeco Field.  The event: the red-hot Mariners game against the lowly Minnesota Twins.  Felix Hernandez was on the bump, the Mariners were the hottest team in baseball.

Easy win, right?

Not so much.

Notwithstanding the game’s result, good times were had by all:


On Sunday, our Blessing turns nine.

Today, we celebrated.

The theme was “flamingos,” the site was casa de Jenkins, and the guests were fifteen or so of Reese’s closest friends.

Not sure exactly what Rhonda and I did to deserve such a blessing.



Today was my 47th birthday.

My present, and probably Rhonda’s best idea ever?

The kids played hooky and spent their days with me.

I can think of nothing better.

We started with work-related stuff — Home Depot and Builder’s Hardware.

Then we got things going.   A trip to Gasworks Park on my way to a haircut.  Milkshakes at Luna Park Cafe in West Seattle (excellent!).  A trip downtown for our first-ever ride on Seattle’s new ferris wheel.  Dinner at Din Ti Fung with mommy in da house.

I can remember a birthday no better.


Another year, another …

Oh wait.

The Jenkins family did Mothers Day brunch this year at Sand Point Country Club.  Our guests: the Johnstons.

Uneventful, all good fun.

The real fireworks happened at the post-brunch photo shoot.  Suffice it to say, that scene was so chaotic that three of us had time to change some attire:



Fortunately that scene all happened in our backyard, so we’re still members in good standing at SPCC.

While Reese and I were wrapping up our weekend in San Diego, Finn was killing it on the flag football field.  According to Ravens coach Christian Shewey, he scored two touchdowns on long end-around runs on the offensive side of the ball (see one of them, in which he apparently lost his shoe, in the video below).  On defense he had an interception and a sack that, according to both Christian and Finn, should have been a safety.

Perhaps most importantly, the Ravens emerged victorious against the opposing Lions.

It wasn’t seven-goals good, but two TD’s, a sack and an interception ain’t bad for a skinny-legged white kid.

Camp Surf 2016

Reese and I spent the past weekend in San Diego with four other dad/daughter groups.  The occasion — Camp Surf 2016, our Y-Guides swan song.

What a trip.

We kicked off our journey on Thursday morning with a trip to Sea-Tac via the new Sound Transit.  Upon arrival we spent the day in La Jolla, alternating time between the La Jolla Shores Hotel pool and the La Jolla Shores itself:

On Friday we hit Sea World:

From there we headed to Camp Surf in Imperial Beach:

On Saturday it was surfing.  Actually the surf conditions were quite tough so it was more bogey boarding than surfing.  After that it was some arts & crafts followed by dinner at Camp Surf’s excellent dining hall, then skit night:

On Sunday we hit the beach until noon.  After that we hit the Imperial Beach Pier, then Old Town San Diego:

All in all a very successful end to our Y-Guides experience, as these photos from the plane ride home show:



Last night the Jenkins family ventured to the Laurelhurst Elementary gym.  The occasion: the annual science fair.  Reese and her pal Sammy Wright had an entry, “Why Do Volcanoes Erupt?” The girl’s effort was first class — it even came with a real erupting volcano.


Reese Sammy






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