It’s been a few years since the Jenkins fam last hit the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.  Five years, in fact. Finn, who now looks like this:


looked like this:



And Reese, who now looks like this:


looked like this:

2009 Reese

Today we returned.

Once again, the flower show turned into a photo shoot.  Not just for us but for the rest of the show goers — cameras were everywhere.

We ended up with 400+ pics.  I uploaded most of the best ones to Snapfish.

Amazingly, our best family pics were selfies.  The background tulips were obvious casualties.

Amazingly, our best family pics were selfies. The background tulips were obvious casualties.

Ok not really, that was two weeks ago.  But yesterday was the first glorious day of Spring 2014, and we made good use of it.  Our destination was Discovery Park.   With us — George and Charlotte Swapp.   Darn near a perfect day.

A few pics:

Tonight Reese and Finn had tee-ball games.

Reese’s SMG Models took on Finn’s Zeeks Pizza Pirates.

Not particularly remarkable.

Except that I coach the Pirates and assist for the Models.

A few pics:

Tonight the Jenkins fam joined several other Zeek’s Pizza Pirates families for a night out at a college baseball game.  It was UW v. Oregon down at the new Husky Ballpark, and good — if cold — times were had by all.

IMG_4240 Jenkins at Husky Oregon Game DSC02405

Yesterday Reese and I found ourselves on the Laurelhurst Elementary playground.  Also there: Isabel Becker and two of her cronies.  We got to talking and before I knew it we were wagering: all the money in my wallet that they couldn’t do wall sits for eight minutes.

Reese joined in for a few seconds of the eight-minute wall sit.

Reese joined in for a few seconds of the eight-minute wall sit.

They could.

I lost $14.

Now I’m on credit cards.

This morning Reese and I joined a handful of her Y-Guides colleagues for a few hours out in West Seattle.

First up was West Seattle Bowl.  Six dad/daughter pairs plus two siblings made for a fun couple of hours.  The highlight for me?  My first-ever conversion of a 4-6 split.  For everyone else it was breakfast, the purchases of which entitled us to free bowling.  From there the Jenkins fam and Matt and Lola Poort headed to Alki for some ice cream and beach time.   So large were Pepperdock’s ice cream scoops that only Finn could finish his dairy.

That included Matt and me.

A few pics:

The other day I stumbled on an article entitled “18 things about Arnold Palmer.”  His wife penned the piece to let the world know what little it didn’t already know about The King.  The idea, I guess, was to give the world an idea of what kind of guy Arnold really is.

Me and my best friends.

Me and my best friends.

That got me to thinking.   Assuming I’m not around, what 18 things would give my kids an idea of what kind of guy I really was.   Well:

  1. I don’t like — and almost never drink — beer.
  2. I wear ties — usually bow ties — whenever the occasion even arguably warrants.  Reason: I think most people phone it in when it comes to their appearance, and I don’t want to be like that.
  3. I don’t care to spend my money on fancy, contemporary cuisine; I’m basically an anti-foodie.  Oh, and I don’t get the wine thing.
  4. I rarely drive faster than 65 mph.  And I try not to drive long distances at night.
  5. I believe in the death penalty.  I think death penalty executions should be frequent and televised.
  6. I’m hopeless on anything with wheels.
  7. Speaking of “hopeless,” I’m hopelessly addicted to Dr. Pepper.
  8. I’ve never drank and drove.  Ever.
  9. I don’t want a funeral.  Reason:  too many people would be too “busy” to make it.  I’d prefer not to be remembered as the guy who had the sparsely-attended funeral.
  10. I’m about as handy around the house as a frozen banana.
  11. I believe ghosts, bigfoots and magalodons all exist.
  12. I have many friends but I consider my kids to be my best friends.
  13. I prefer a night at home with my family to a night out — 99 nights out of 100.
  14. I used to be a big sports fan, but the only professional sports I follow now are football and golf.
  15. I love Scrabble and jigsaw puzzles.
  16. I haven’t written in cursive since I was a teen.
  17. I couldn’t care less about many popular entities — namely, March Madness, the Academy Awards and the NBA.  The Masters, on the other hand …
  18. I used to be a political junkie.  Now I care about politics about as much as I care about March Madness (read: not at all).

POSTSCRIPT: Turns out I’ve already done one of these


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